How to Use the AIR 3 Beta SDK

The AIR 3 runtime has been out in beta for some time, and now the AIR 3 SDK is available, as well. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find it over on Adobe Labs.

If you’ve downloaded the SDK and want to give it a try, you’ll need to know how to set it up. There are really only two things you need to know:

  1. How to overlay the SDK. Although these instructions are a little old, I just reviewed them, and they’re still valid. Of course, SDK versions are different now, but in general, the instructions are still accurate.
  2. How to access the new AIR 3 APIs. Once you have the AIR 3 SDK properly overlaid, you’ll need to make one simple change in Flash Builder in order to be able to access the new APIs. Once you’ve created a new project and selected the correct SDK (the one you just created), you need to go to "Project Properties," then "Flex Compiler." In the "Additional compiler arguments" box, add "-swf-version=13". 13 is the SWF version that corresponds to AIR 3, so you need to tell the runtime what version of the APIs you want to use.

That’s about all you need to do to get started building AIR 3 (beta) applications.

20 Responses to How to Use the AIR 3 Beta SDK

  1. jkafkaris says:

    Hi Christian – I’ve followed all the steps but not seeing any instances of StageVideo when building a Desktop app… should I be?

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  3. Jon says:


    any pointers on how to use the native extensions? I’ve read the old Adobe TV .pdf, but can’t quite figure out how the ANE packaging works…

    Cheers, – Jon –

  4. criss says:

    post beta documentation zip

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  6. Gabe says:

    Do you have instructions for how to use the Air 3 Beta SDK with Flash Professional?

    • Alex Yamane says:

      hi Gabe, did you ever figure this out? Is it just like how to overlay Air 2.7 SDK into a /AIR26 folder under CS55? (and update those files in the /player dir to “13” instead of “12”?) thanks in advance,

  7. theguaz says:

    I’ve tried to make an exampe of stageVideo on iOS, based on a functional example i did and it’s working on web ( and when i run it on my Ipad it crashes.

    no clue on what could be happening there.?

    – theguaz –

  8. thanks Christian.
    a note: if you have other additional parameters then place a space at the end of those and then paste “-swf-version=13” after the space.

  9. theguaz says:

    Finally a success!
    With the new beta release candidate i finally could do a decent demo.



    thank’s adobe.

  10. Arthy says:

    I configured my eclipse + fdt4 to target the latest AIR3 RC1 sdk and flex sdk 4.5.1, i can trace that the runtime on ipad2+android tablet is but the stagevideo is still unavailable….

    I don’t know where to dig, everything seems ok (target-player = 11, swf-version=13, app-xml decsriptor is 3.0…)

    As i said, i can compile, trace and check that runtime is the AIR3 beta, so where did i miss something ?

  11. Arthy says:

    Ok, i managed in displaying my video in stagevideo (rendermode=direct, playing video in accelerated mode), but performance are very bad (only video + 3 transparent clips for debug -> fps drops down to 18/31 and video is not fluent). Maybe my video encoding is not good (even if followed adobe recommendations on article

    Do someone has a decent result to show are share ?

  12. MSFX says:

    What about using AIR3.1 – does the swf version need to be changed again?

  13. Alex says:

    is it possible to use “swf-version=13” parameter with flex 3.6 SDK?
    I am getting command line: Error: unknown configuration variable ‘swf-version’

  14. john says:

    I have EXACTLY the same problem as Alex says.
    I want to try to use the “swf-version=13” parameter for my old Flex 3.6.0 project (I have changed the playergobals.swc). I get the same “Error: unknown configuration variable ‘swf-version’”, I hope i dont have to change the SDK to 4.5.1 in order to be able to load swfs created using molehill…My company cant invest money and time to port our HUGE project for 4.5.1 SDK, please any ideas??

  15. theguaz says:

    the stageVideo class is only for iOS and TV right ?
    Does it work on Android devices??

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