The Next Step in Mobile HTML Workflows

If you do a lot of mobile web development, you might want to check out Adobe Shadow. Shadow is a way to easily push web content from your desktop to any number of mobile devices while you’re developing or testing so you don’t have to type in cumbersome URLs and keep refreshing. Additionally, Shadow allows you to debug and inspect web content running in your iOS or Android browser.

Adobe Shadow is now available on Labs. If you want to see it in action, check out the “sneak peek” below:

Also, you can check out an early prototype I built around these concepts after doing enough mobile web development that the workflow was really starting to bug me. In my opinion, the Shadow team really nailed it.

3 Responses to The Next Step in Mobile HTML Workflows

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  2. sathyamoorthi says:

    awesome!! great job.

  3. Dev Vandal says:

    I cannot connect Shadow, neither my Android Phone nor my iPad