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My FITC Slides are Online

I just put the slides from my FITC session up if you want to check them out. The presentation is called The New Playground: Adobe and HTML5. Before you start looking it, a few quick notes:

  • It’s written in HTML, and since I wasn’t thinking about sharing it when I put it together, it probably only works in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate forward and back through the deck.
  • A lot of the presentation was demos, so I added links to videos that should be sufficient substitues.
  • The slides were designed for 1024×768, so they might look scrunched on your big monitor.
  • If you view the slide that talks about filters effects in Chrome Canary, clicking on the filter names in the list applies them to the image.

The slides are available here. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments. (Session photo by @treesrustle.)

Building the Keyboard from TRON Legacy with Web Technologies

I recently re-watched TRON: Legacy, and after the scene where Sam types a few Unix commands on a virtual keyboard, I decided I had to try one out for myself. In addition to wanting to see what it was like to use a virtual keyboard, I also wanted to see if I could build it entirely with web technologies. I discovered I was able to do everything I wanted — except type particularly well.

Below is an explanation of the project (along with some conclusions on virtual keyboards in general). All the source code for the project is available on GitHub.