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Flex Trial Pricing for International Customers

There was a problem with the Macromedia online store which was causing international customers to be charged too much for the Flex trial CD. The issue has been resolved, so the price should once again be $8.99. Apologies to those who were affected. Please let me know if you have any other problems.

Flex 1.0 is Live

Flex 1.0 has been released! There’s no sense in me discussing it extensively here — everything you will want to know is outlined on the Flex product page on Macromedia’s website. I’ll just say that I’ve been playing with Flex a lot for the last few days, and it’s really amazing technology. I’m in Newton right now, immersing myself in Flex, which I’m loving!

Flex – A Third Party Perspective

You’ve probably read all there is to read about Flex on Macromedia’s site, and if you were at MAX, you heard plenty of discussion and saw plenty of demonstrations. Now check out what Java Boutique has to say about Flex.

Royale is Now “Flex”

Royale is now officially “Macromedia Flex,” and is now officially in beta (interested in joining?). And Macromedia has officially hired Christophe Coenraets as the official Flex Evangelist. Lot’s of official announcements, which you can read about in an official article on DevNet.

Now I’m officially off to MAX.