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Flash Detection Kit Macrochat Tomorrow (Friday)

Check out tomorrow’s Macrochat to learn everything there is to know about the
Flash Detection Kit. Specifically, you will learn:

  • What the Flash Player detection kit is.
  • Why you may need to detect the player.
  • How you detect the player.
  • Detection options and reviewing the code it creates.
  • Dreamweaver Extensions.
  • 3rd party methods.
  • Moock FPI.
  • BrowserHawk.
  • Multiple sites (one HTML and one Flash site).

If you’re interested in attending, go ahead and register!

Fireworks Macrochat Tomorrow

If you’re into Fireworks, or if you’ve been meaning to get into it, check out
tomorrow’s Macrochat. Here’s the official description:

Macromedia Senior Product Support Engineer, Alan Musselman, will demonstrate various
rollover menu options, slice behaviors vs. button symbols, popup menus, using symbols
to increase productivity, and batch processing.

What You Will Learn

  • Simple Rollovers and Disjointed Rollovers
  • Side by side comparison of slice behaviors and button symbols
  • When to/not to use popup menus
  • Creating/duplicating a symbol and nesting symbols within
    a button
  • Why/when to use batch processing

If you’re interested, make sure to register.

New LiveDocs Features

The Macromedia IMD and web teams have added some new features to Macromedia
. You can now generate comment reports, sign up for email notifications
when new comments are added, and read comments via RSS. Just drill down to any
LiveDocs page, and look for links to the new features at the bottom.

Right now, only
documents with existing comments contain links to RSS feeds. If the document has
no comments, no RSS link is available. However, if you’re determined to track documents
with no comments via RSS, just find a document that does have an RSS feed, and
make the appropriate adjustments to feed’s URL so that it points to the page that
you want to track.

Macrochats Are Back!

Macrochats are Breeze Live presentations focusing on a specific technical topic given by product engineers or community leaders. We first experimented with Macrochats during Community Week, and found they were extremely successful (attracting more than 700 people for a single topic), so we’re bringing them back. This time, however, we are going to limit attendance to 200 people per session in order to better manage the question and answer period (imagine 700 people asking questions all at once!), but they will all be recorded, and presentations which prove wildly successful will be given again. Here’s the official messaging:

“Macromedia is now offering in-depth technical live product presentations called Macrochats. These differ from our traditional seminar series because Macrochats are precise technical demonstrations on specific products. Macrochats are live technical discussions led by product engineers, technical support engineers and customer leaders. The content of the Macrochats vary across all Macromedia products and technical levels. MacroChats are done online utilizing Macromedia Breeze Live and there is no charge to participate. Each Macrochat is limited to 200 participants.

We record Macrochats so you can view at your leisure. Check out the schedule and recordings here:

Holiday Fun From Macromedia

Make time to play! Check out this holiday game from Macromedia:

The water is video, mixed with bitmap images and vector art, and the entire game is coded with ActionScript 2.0, giving more realistic movement and control of the penguin during the dives. Apparently there‚Äôs an easter egg in the game (for the “truly gifted” but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Macromedia Product RSS Feed Updates

You may have noticed there were some technical problems with the Macromedia product RSS feeds recently (I know a lot of you noticed because I got a ton of email about it). The problem was actually a bug in the tool we use to generate the feeds. The bug has been fixed, and now all the feeds are successfully parsing once again.

Also, we are going to be adding dc:subject tags to each item in the feeds pretty soon which is something several people have been asking for. It will allow developers to programatically distinguish between tech notes, security bulletins, Developer Center content, and product update information. I’ll let everyone know once the changes are in place.

Macromedia News Firefox Extension

If you use Firefox (which you should), and you like to keep up with Macromedia news (which you should), check out Mike Chambers’ new Macromedia News Firefox Extension. I’ve been using it in various forms for about the last week, and I’m totally addicted to it.

Macromedia Launches New Support Knowledge Base

So how many of you have had trouble finding a tech note, security bulletin, or Developer Center article on Macromedia’s site? Adding search powered by Google has helped tremendously, and now Macromedia has just added a second very powerful tool: the Macromedia Knowledge Base.

The idea of the Macromedia Knowledge Base is that it focuses specifically on support documents as opposed to indexing the entire site. In addition to returning highly relevant results, the Knowledge Base gives you a great deal of additional control over your search, and offers categorized alternatives to help you narrow down and further focus your results. If it sounds complicated, it really isn’t, and if it sounds powerful, it certainly is.

During a test this morning, I did a search for “jrun flash remoting” and although I only got back 53 results, they were 53 highly relevant results like “Consuming Web Services with Macromedia JRun 4 and Flash Remoting,” “Configuring Flash Remoting with JRun 4,” “How to connection to a JavaBean using Flash Remoting and JRun 4/J2EE,” and “Flash Remoting checklist for JRun 4 users.” I was also presented with several related alternatives as well as the ability to search within my existing search results. Very nice.

For more information, have a look at the Macromedia Knowledge Base FAQ (which includes a cool demo), or just jump right in!

RSS All Over

I’m sure you already knew about the Macromedia product RSS feeds, but did you know that forum posts are now available via RSS now, too? Just look for the “rss feed” link at the top of any Macromedia support forum.

Three New Macromedia Product RSS Feeds

Captivate, Flex Builder and RoboHelp have been added to the Macromedia Product RSS Feeds. If you’re not already using these feeds, you should be! If you’re new to RSS, you can find all the information you need to get started at the aforementioned link.