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I’m Looking for AJAX Applications

As you are probably aware, I’ve been working with AJAX techniques recently, and
I’ve been very impressed, especially with the Flash
we’ve been able
to accomplish. And now I need your help. What are the coolest AJAX sites you’ve
seen out there? I’m looking for sites that inspire and amaze!

I’ve Been Experimenting with AJAX

I did a new installation of MXNA
last night. In addition to adding "Most Popular"
views (check out the new menu at the top on the right), I’ve also been experimenting
with AJAX. Each post has an "Email to a Friend" option under it. Click it and give
it a try. It exposes an email form and sends your email without ever refreshing
the page. I think it makes for an improved user experience, and works great with
ColdFusion and, after some tweaks, the MXNA 2.0 framework. Expect to see more AJAX
features rolled into MXNA 2.0 in the future.