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Flash and Ajax: Happy Together

Path recently released their Flash/JavaScript
Date Slider
under a
Creative Commons License.  It’s a very slick component that
they use with Measure
for visually selecting date ranges, and which
shows excellent interoperability between Flash and JavaScript. It uses
the JavaScript /
Flash Integration Kit
as the bridge between Flash and
JavaScript, and I think integrates very nicely into HTML/Ajax
applications. From the Date Slider site:

The date slider is a Flash visualization that Measure
uses as one way to navigate the site. We are happy to provide a version
of this date slider to the public… SWF version with the
ability to customize the look & feel of the slider as well as
the location and name of
the XML file.

What I really find interesting about this project is that it
is a standalone component which integrates Flash and Ajax very
seamlessly, and therefore tends to blur the line between the two
technologies. Too often I read about the “Flash vs Ajax”
debate when the reality is that Flash is very Ajax friendly, especially
with the new ExternalInterface

it in action.