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Developer Relations Podcast in iTunes

I finally got the Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast submitted to iTunes. The documentation Apple provides for the special iTunes meta-data tags has some inconsistencies, and I found at least one major bug in their submission process, so it took several hours for me to finally get it submitted. In case you’re having problems, as well, it seems you can’t add iTunes category tags at the channel level (even though the docs say you can). For some reason, if you use bogus or incorrect categories, the feed is accepted (but the categories ignored), but if you use real and current categories, you get back an error saying that the iTunes Store is experiencing technical difficulties, and to try again later. The work around seems to be to remove the category tags at the channel level altogether (they seem to work at the item level), and just pick a category and sub-category through the feed submission interface.

Anyway, the feed hasn’t shown up yet. After you submit your feed, it tells you that it may not show up right away, and it might need to be reviewed or something, so I’m not sure how long that will take. If anyone notices that it has been added, please drop me a comment. It’s in the category "Technology" under the subcategory "Developers".

In other news, I’m about to move yet again, so I’m going to be offline most likely until next week. This is the third time I’ve blogged about moving in about 2.5 years, which isn’t a good sign. I’m staying in San Francisco, but moving from a rental into a house that I bought, so hopefully I’ll actually plant some roots and stay in one place for a while.

Off to finish packing…