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Firefox 1.5 possibly (hopefully) available today

The rumor is that Firefox 1.5 will be released today. Keep an eye on My favorite new feature: drag and drop reordering of tabs. I’ve been waiting for this for as long as I’ve been doing tabbed browsing, and have always found the plugins that provide this functionality to be sketchy, especially on OS X. I’m glad to see is being added to the search engine list, as well. And of course performance improvements are always welcomed. has a full list of new features (for RC 3, not the final release). Let’s hope it’s today. I could use something to brighten up this dreary San Francisco morning.

Update: As mentioned in the comments, it’s available now. Also, when I installed 1.5, I was told that the SpellBound and Live HTTP Headers extensions would not work, and were being disabled. I uninstalled them both (along with the dictionaries), then reinstalled, and they both work fine.