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The Macromedia Developer Relations podcast gets added to iTunes

Finally. The Macromedia Developer Relations podcast is now available in iTunes. Go to Podcasts > Technology > Developers. To learn more about iTunes support for podcasts, see Apple’s podcast homepage.

How many people out there listen to podcasts? Do you iTunes, or something else? (I’m wavering back and forth between iTunes and Shrook right now.) And what podcasts do you listen to regularly? I’m flying to New York tomorrow for Flashforward, so I’d like to stock up on some podcasts for the flight.

Macromedia Developer Relations Launches It’s First Podcast

Mike Chambers and I put together the first Macromedia
Developer Relations podcast
which we released this morning. The podcast covers
the following topics:

  • Interview with Mark Anders (VP of Engineering in charge of Zorn)
  • Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit
  • MXNA Flash Services
  • Deep linking in Flash and AJAX RIAs

If you’re into podcasts, check
it out
, and be sure to subscribe.