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Macromedia Product RSS Feeds Restored

A little over a year ago, the Macromedia Developer Relations team introduced the Macromedia Product RSS feeds to help our community keep up with product updates, security bulletins, tech notes, and Developer Center articles. We took them down for about a week as we began migrating community services from the old server to the new Macromedia weblogs server. I’ve been getting several emails a day from people wondering what happened to the feeds, so I decided my priority for the day was to get them fully migrated (it wasn’t just a matter of copying the files over — we also switched to a new system for generating and maintaining them). Anyway, I got it all done, so all the product feeds should be working again. Please let me know if you notice anything screwy.

New Aggregator in Testing

Thanks to a comment left by Roger Benningfield in
response to yesterday’s
I am evaluating Shrook.
So far, I’m very happy with it. It has a very iTunes-like interface with a library
containing all your feeds which you add to one or more groups (like playlists).
Below are the features that really set it apart from other aggregators I’ve used:

  • Smart groups. Smart groups dynamically categorize content based on one or more
  • iPod support. Export everything to iPod notes.
  • Server synchronization. Synchronize with Shrook’s servers (which unfortunately
    are currently being upgraded) so you can access your feeds via the web. By synching
    with their servers, you can also sync to other instances of Shrook on other
  • Distributed checking. When new items are found, they are reported to a central
    server which allows other Shrook clients to be updated faster than if they
    simply waited to aggregate.
  • Scrapbook. Drag items into one or more scrapbooks to save for later.

I need to exercise the application for a few more days before shelling out the
$24.95, but so far, it has made a very good first impression on me. In the meantime,
I’ll try some of your other suggestions, as well, just in case.

I Need a New Aggregator

An unfortunate thing happened to me this morning. I have an old evaluation of NetNewsWire installed alongside the free version of NetNewsWire Lite which I use(d) extensively on a daily basis. This morning, when using Quicksilver to open NetNewsWire Lite, I accidentally opened the old expired evaluation version of NetNewsWire. For some reason, it overwrote all my NetNewsWire Lite feeds with the default list of feeds that come with the application.

This is very much not a good thing. I’m sure I had well over 100 feeds pertaining to everything that interests me (mostly technology, but also some personal weblogs, watch weblogs, etc.). I have a backup from November that will allow me to recover many of my feeds, but my collection was constantly evolving and being refined, so the last four months of tweaks are gone.

Anyway, enough lamenting. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to start fresh with a new collection of feeds, new organization, and certainly a new aggregator. I really like(d) NetNewsWire, but I don’t think I can bring myself to use it again. Additionally, I’m tired or waiting for the 2.0 version just to get Atom support (it’s been in beta for a very very long time).

So my first question is what aggregators are Mac users out there using these days? I’m willing to go with either local or web-based. Once I settle on a new aggregator, I will then ask people to post some of their favorite blogs. I’m pretty sure I can have all my old feeds back with a couple of hours of searching and surfing, but I’d like to use this opportunity to find some new, more obscure feeds worth aggregating. That’s a question for another time, though. First the aggregator.

Macromedia Product RSS Feed Updates

You may have noticed there were some technical problems with the Macromedia product RSS feeds recently (I know a lot of you noticed because I got a ton of email about it). The problem was actually a bug in the tool we use to generate the feeds. The bug has been fixed, and now all the feeds are successfully parsing once again.

Also, we are going to be adding dc:subject tags to each item in the feeds pretty soon which is something several people have been asking for. It will allow developers to programatically distinguish between tech notes, security bulletins, Developer Center content, and product update information. I’ll let everyone know once the changes are in place.

RSS All Over

I’m sure you already knew about the Macromedia product RSS feeds, but did you know that forum posts are now available via RSS now, too? Just look for the “rss feed” link at the top of any Macromedia support forum.

Three New Macromedia Product RSS Feeds

Captivate, Flex Builder and RoboHelp have been added to the Macromedia Product RSS Feeds. If you’re not already using these feeds, you should be! If you’re new to RSS, you can find all the information you need to get started at the aforementioned link.