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Switching From the Sidekick II to the Treo 650

After Ben Forta blogged his experiences with his new Treo 650 last week, I thought I’d share my thoughts, as well, and in general, how the Treo 650 measures up to the T-Mobile Sidekick II.

I spent about 4 hours yesterday migrating my data from my Sidekick and configuring my Treo. I have pretty complex PIM requirements, and I’m happy to report that I think I’ve achieved them all:

  1. I’m using GoodLink to sync email, appointments, and tasks with the Macromedia Exchange server.
  2. I’m syncing the Palm calendar, todo list, and address book with iCal and Mac Address Book using iSync.
  3. I’m syncing notes and some other applications with Palm Desktop.
  4. I’m doing it all over bluetooth on a Mac.

Additionally, I’m retrieving email from two POP accounts (in addition to my Macromedia email) using VersaMail, I have AIM, Yahoo!, and ICQ accounts set up with VeriChat, I have a ton of SMS alerts, and I’ve installed various other applications to give me the functionality I’m accostomed to on my Sidekick. And in general, I’m very happy with how the whole process went.

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