March 19, 2009

PowerPoint On-Click Animations


On-Click animations can be added in Powerpoint – animations start when users click the mouse. These clicks were totally ignored in Captivate 3 – The animation used to start automatically and the click part was ignored. Now, Captivate 4 honours these on-click behaviour. Movies pause for user click when it encounters the on-click animations.

In this context, I noticed some confusion faced by users (reported on user forum). When importing PowerPoint presentations, there is an “Advance Slide” option – Automatically or on mouse click. This option is a way to tell Captivate how to proceed on completion of one powerpoint slide.The behaviour remains same as in Captivate 3 – Advance Slide "Automatically" tells Captivate to proceed to next slide without waiting for the user click, while the other one waits for  the user click.

Many users thought, once you select “Automatically”, it even disables the on-click behaviour of the click animations. I would like to clarify here that this option is *not* related to the above on-click animation support and neither of the options affect the click behavior of the animations. If you have on-click animations in powerpoint, they are always honoured by Captivate. The only way to get them out is to remove from PowerPoint. Since We allow editing Powerpoint slides from within Captivate, you can easily do it.

Posted by Sony Kadavan10:10 AM
  • Janet Storck

    In creating a new captivate module we are having the following problems and wonder if there is a solution to this:

    The PowerPoint was created with multiple animation or flying arrows and or screens.
    When the PowerPoint slides were published the animations did not work
    The scripting and the flying bullets are timed so the information will make sense to the customer
    We are looking for a solution to either have the animations come in on a mouse click to record or another solution that will allow the recording to coincide with the fly in information.

    One thing that we thought may work is to create the animations from Captivate tools. Have you done this option before and does it work well?

    • Janet, if the animations aren’t coming across – i’d recommend using Cp to do the animations directly. It’s easy and reliable. Just go down to the bottom left corner with the ‘Effects’ tab open. Select the object you want to animate, eg. a caption you want to fly in, and then choose the animation effect you like. Here’s a YouTube video I did to explain how to do animation like this in Cp5.

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