April 14, 2009

Shifting to Adobe eLearning suite – reuse your existing eLearning content


Adobe eLearning suite consists of a set of products along with Adobe Captivate 4 and Adobe Presenter 7 using which you can create any kind of eLearning courses. With this you will not need any other eLearning tool in your arsenal. But when organizations decide to switch to a new product their foremost worry could be about existing content they have created using other tools. Well you need not worry about losing them. You can still use them inside Adobe Captivate and other products in eLearning suite.

For example – Files created in Articulate® Presenter can be opened and edited in Adobe Presenter. The original Articulate presentation is never modified; a copy of the presentation is converted and opened in Adobe Presenter. The Articulate assets folder should be available along with the Articulate presentation file. Without the asset folder and its contents, Articulate features cannot be imported into the presentation when it is opened in Adobe Presenter.

Adobe Presenter supports most Articulate Presenter data, including Flash, audio, and quiz information (as long as the Articulate Presenter assets folder is available).

What is not supported –

  1. The following Articulate Presenter features are not supported: Learning Games, Engage Interactions, Insert Web Object.
  2. Adobe Presenter does not support all Articulate Presenter question types. Unsupported questions are not imported during the conversion process. A detailed log report (ConversionLog.log) is generated at the end of the conversion process and provides details about the conversion, including an dropped questions.”

For complete details visit Adobe Presenter 7 help files. This is how you can do it –

In PowerPoint, open a presentation (PPT or PPTX file) created in Articulate Presenter.

  1. In the conversion dialog box, click Yes.
  2. Choose a name and save location for the converted presentation.
  3. (Optional) To view information in the conversion log file, click View Log. (You can also use Windows Explorer at any time to view thelog file. Navigate to the location you specified in step 3, right-click the ConversionLog.log file, and select Open with > Notepad.)
  4. After the conversion process finishes, click Close.
  5. In Adobe Presenter, edit the new, converted file and add Adobe Presenter features as desired.

Click here or on the image below to see how to do it.It will open up Adobe Captivate 4 generated file.

Next post – We will see how you can use output files of Articulate inside Adobe Captivate 4.

Posted by Rajeev Kumar10:23 PM
  • I have been familiar with Adobe products starting from version 5 of Flash under Macromedia. I continue to get fascinated by the continual advancement of the Adobe Suites. I have been into eLearning for some years. I tend to use open source products whenever possible. However, I remain to be impressed by the interactivity offered by Captivate and Flash ActionScript. INTERACTIVITY – I believe is the heart of teaching and learning. And now I see the ads about Adobe’s eLearning Suite. I did not yet try this new suite. But, I am confident it will be excellent. I hope to get a chance to test it in the near future.

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