May 30, 2009

Captivate 4 patch update

Adobe Captivate 4 patch is now LIVE!

Today we released a patch for Adobe Captivate 4 patch. The key driver for this patch was the degradation in audio quality as reported by some of our customers. This update fixes several elements that were causing issues in the audio workflow. It also includes fixes for some other niggling concerns that were reported/ discovered post launch. The full details are below.

Do note that the Captivate 4 patch is not a critical update and hence will not be downloaded automatically on your systems. You will need to follow the menu items ‘Help > Updates’ and download the patch update. Once the update installs, Captivate 4 version number should read 1658.

Let me now run you through the fixes which have been included in this patch:

  • Audio Quality improvement –
    • In Captivate 4, some users observed poor audio quality in the published movie. We’ve addressed all the elements that caused this issue. With this patch you will see a noticeable improvement in the audio quality.
  •       USB Microphone support for Vista setups  and working well with RealTek and Sigma Tel soundcards –

    Captivate failed to recognize USB microphones on the Vista OS. Also, in some instances, specific sound cards were not recognized. Both these issues have now been resolved in the patch.

  • Open another project’ now works from any location –

    In Captivate 4, the navigation option ‘open another project’ was based on an absolute path. This led to issues when these linked projects were published and moved to a different location. This has now been resolved.

  • Inserting objects at playhead position –

    We have worked on an important productivity issue. Now it’s possible to insert objects at the exact position the playhead is on. This is helpful for content developers as they can easily play the slide on timeline, pause the slide at a specific time, and insert objects at the playhead position.

  • Memory Leak in Image insertion and Editing –

    Few customers had reported memory leak issues while inserting and editing images. These have been investigated. The leak was significant only in a specific case and has been resolved now.

  • Image quality while resizing is improved –

    There was some degradation in the image quality when images were resized inside Captivate 4. This patch will help address this.

  • HTML page Title –

    Captivate now picks up the title name from Project preferences > Project name section. This name appears as the HTML title when the project is published and viewed in a browser.

  • Question Type identification by LMS –

    This addresses a specific scenario in LMS reporting. We have worked on the way the question type data is reported to LMS systems.

  • PPT slides containing Master Templates work well with Captivate –
  • Some PPT files containing Master templates were getting corrupted once published from Captivate 4. This has now been resolved.

  • Widget Template is modified –

    Widget template had a few undefined variables which created compiling problems. This has been sorted out in this patch update.

We believe this patch will enhance your Captivate 4 experience. We look forward to your feedback on this.

Update: All those who cannot use the auto-updater to install the patch, can now download it from here:

Posted by Mukul Vinay Lele7:55 PM
  • Steve Howard

    Any info on publishing with relative links?

  • Well done guys! Thanks for the patch. It also seems to resolve some issues with 64-bit Vista and Windows

  • Rod Ward

    This all sounds good. But if the patch is now live, where is the link to the site where we can download it?

  • Bob Cunningham

    I installed the patch this morning. I have noticed a significant improvement in the audio quality. Thanks! Good job guys.

  • Russell

    After doing this update, I’m still unable to edit Audio with Captivate 4. I’m using Vista. Do you have any updates that will correct this problem?

  • Krista Allen

    You are my new best friend!! I’ve been running in circles over this audio degradation issue. Where is the patch? I can’t seem to find it on the Adobe site?

  • Captivator

    Nice. Do you know when the german version of the patch will be available?Cheers – Captivator

  • Desktop Support

    The update function in Captivate is greyed out – even when I run as an administrator. When I run the updater manually it finds a whole lot of updates for everything but Captivate 4 (including all the other CS4 products). Adobe’s own site doesn’t list the patch yet. Is there a stand-alone link somewhere? Please advise. Thanks!

  • Peter

    How can we download this patch to 1658? I work behind a firewall at the office that always blocks the Adobe Updater from functioning

  • dimitri

    I am trying to download the patch for Captivate 4. I clicked on the link above that says “Adobe Captivate 4 patch update”. When I reach the new site I do not know what to do. Can you please help me out.Much Appreaciated

  • J Wagner

    It seems like the patch isn’t available yet for the German version? Any timeline or plans in this respect?

  • cim kearns

    My Cap 4 updater is disabled because I work for a large bank with all kinds of restrictions. Is there a way through that I can download the patch?

  • cim kearns

    My Cap 4 updater is disabled because I work for a large bank with all kinds of restrictions. Is there a way through that I can download the patch?

  • Michael Sinckler

    Is there a link to the update to download the update other than within the program.

  • Michael Sinckler

    Is there a link to the update to download the update other than within the program.

  • For people who cannot use the Adobe Updater to obtain this update, we will be host this on our website by early next week.

  • Elena A. Lattarulo

    Hello, I am training a group of math community college instructor in Captivate 4. We are searching for math equations or symbols that can be used. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.Elena A. Lattarulo, PhD

  • When will a patch be published to enable full Captivate 4 compatibility with Windows Vista 64-bit edition?

  • Markus

    I need the patch for the German version to solve the “Open other project” issue. Can I use the english patch too if it is on the homepage? Should be there “by early next week” (Posted by: Shameer Ayyappan | June 8, 2009 8:00 PM).

  • imjustabeginner

    Well done. This addresses so many issues I’m having.Thank you.

  • Frank Verrill

    Installed Captivate4 patch on Sony Vaio notebook running Vista and still no luck with recognizing my microphone that works in Captivate3. Very frustrating.

  • Well, I am downloading this, although I am not facing any of the problems this update adresses. This is just precautionary move.

  • Johann Walter

    I am using Wndows Parallels on my Mac, running Adobe Captivate 4 in Windows XP, and I have two issues.- I cannot preview or publish a project that contains a user or system variable. Only when I delete the variable will the project preview or publish.- Also, when recording, I get a black, slightly transparent 1″ x 1″ box in the top left corner of the recording area, large enough to obscure things like the File menu when I’m demonstrating software.Any ideas?

  • Kurt

    Hi guysIt’s been almost 2 months now, since this update for the English version has been released. When will the update for the German version follow? We paid good money for this tool, too, and without being able to use audio, well, I cannot work with Captivate4! So please, folks, get cracking!!

  • Kurt

    Hello again,For the time being, I found some kind of a work-around: I record my projects with Captivate4 on my Vista-PC, but edit the project on a virtual machine with Windows XP. This is, of course, less comfy and more time-consuming, but at least I can go on with my work. Maybe this helps somebody else, too!Regards,Kurt.

  • Jackie

    Hey guys when I export a swf from Captivate and play it in the Flash Player 8, 9 it looks great. When I import it into the stage of Flash FLA CS4, there is nothing there.. blank.Can you help please?

  • Hai au

    using Equation in Adobe Captivate

  • Bojinorth

    Downloaded the patch but when I run it, the splash screen loads and states that Captivate 4 is not installed on my machine – only option is to Quit the update. I’m running this on Windows XP and Captivate 4 has been working fine with the exception of lousy graphic image quality. I wanted to try the update to see if this fixed the graphics issue. Any ideas?

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