May 4, 2010

JUST LAUNCHED! -Captivate 5 and Adobe eLearning Suite 2

We just announced the launch of Captivate 5 and the new Adobe eLearning Suite 2! This is a release the team has been working on for 2 years now. Captivate in its current form and as Robodemo previously, has been around for close to 9 versions. Having started out as an application capture tool, Captivate has since blossomed into the market leader in end-to-end elearning authoring for everything from softskills training to self-running presentations. The growing feature demands in this new role, required that we look at re-architecting this product from scratch. And Captivate 5 is a result of that effort. It is significantly faster and agile than Captivate 4, and the new architecture allows us to build out some nifty features that truly move the bar in eLearning authoring.

Captivate 5, with its optimized UI, now not only looks like a part of pack, but has matured in its role as the quarterback in the new Adobe elearning Suite 2. Captivate allows you to quickly convert concepts to prototypes to fleshed-out rich elearning– with its round-tripping and tight integration with core Adobe asset creation tools like Photoshop CS5 Extended, Flash Pro CS5 and Soundbooth CS5. We believe Karen’s story captures this moment perfectly.

More posts and details soon…


Posted by Shameer Ayyappan11:48 AM
  • anonymous

    That’s all good but why did Adobe discontinue Authorware? Authorware would have been such a perfect addition to the eLearning Suite.

  • paul

    Hi,If it was launched today, does that mean I can buy captivate 5 oe e learning suite 2 now?What is the release date ?rgds

  • When is the release date for Captivate 5?

  • Andy

    When you import PowerPoint presentations into Captivate, does it retain the PowerPoint animations?Thanks,Andy

  • Shameer Ayyappan

    Hi Andy,Captivate 4 retains PPT animations. Captivate 5 has further improved on the PPT roundtripping workflow.Regards,Shameer

  • I really like the new Captivate 5. We purchased the volume license when it was launched last month. There’s a few bugs I noticed which I’m sure will get fixed soon. One in particular that’s really buggy me is when you publish a project as a Windows EXE users exit the module using the Enter key. In the previous version, the ESC key was the only key able to close an executable Captivate file Please fix asap.


  • Frank Beach

    But does Captivate function any better than v5.0? I’ve had nothing but problems with version 5 (in eLearning Suite 2) in the area of reporting test scores. If you look at the forums this is a very common theme–and it’s like Adobe is trying to ignore our cries for help. When is Adobe going to provide a viable solution to this problem?

    • Hi Frank, We had provided a patch and hot fixes for most of the LMS reporting issues. If you are facing an LMS reporting issue, please call our tech support, or send us an email at wish-captivate at macromedia dot com. We’ll do our best to help you.

      All the issues we fixed in the Cp5 cycle have been rolled in to the Cp5.5 release.

  • Tufit

    hi. I generate scorm file to moodle, but when I run course secondary it starts on slide when I finished last time. What I must do to start my course secondary or later from the begining?

    • You need to turn OFF bookmarking by checking the “Never Send Resume data” option in Quiz preferences

  • Tufit

    Thx. Work! Do you know how to create quiz in captivate 5 or 5.5 to give me on mail results and information about answers?

  • Jp268eth


    Captivate 5 has some wonderful features but it keeps corrupting my slides, I can’t open my Captivate 5 after creating a 50 slide training with audio. What a mess!

    • Hi, sorry to hear that you are having issues with Cp5. Could you mail the Cp file to wish-captivate at macromedia dot com

  • Niranjan

    Hi, I have created a course using captivate 5 and after loading it to the LMS am facing a bookmarking issue. The Never Send Resume data is turned off as well as the Self paced learning option is turned on. when you quite from the course and try to launch it again it takes you to the same page as earlier but hte credits for the previous pages is lost.

    Any help in resolving this is much appreciated



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