August 21, 2010

Captivate 5 for University Educators

This week’s eSeminar was chock full of solutions as we discussed ‘how to’ start developing eLearning based on the kind of face to face classroom content educators already have prepared for the courses they teach. The session examines the growing phenomena of online courses and online supplemental eLearning modules for courses that remain face to face or are becoming blended online and offline instruction.

I’ve embedded the slides for the presentation above. You can enlarge / download etc. using the tools from One of the things I didn’t get much time to discuss is and the incredible resource it represents for educators. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I strongly encourage you to explore it. Just go to to find an amazing set of online office applications that allow a level of pain free collaboration that far exceeds the options most people are using today.


Captivate 5 for University Educators

This one hour session hosted by Dr. Allen Partridge, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, will focus on making the transition to asynchronous and synchronous online education & distance learning for university faculty and instructional design support personnel. The session will examine the specific needs of higher education with regard to online education and will demonstrate solutions using Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe eLearning Suite 2.
See it now HERE:


At the end of the session we begin to discuss the potential of Advanced Actions to help create more experiential kinds of learning interactions. You can learn more about Advanced Actions from last weeks eSeminar, including a sample of creating Soft Skills Simulations. The blog link for Advanced Actions eSeminar is here.

Next week’s eSeminar centers on eLearning Suite workflows. Wondering how you can maximize the most complete and powerful collection of tools available for eLearning? Register now for next week’s session.


Understanding the Adobe eLearning Suite Workflow 

11:30AM-12:30 PM US Eastern Time, 8/25/2010
Dr. Allen Partridge, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, will present a one hour online e-Seminar for intermediate users of Adobe Captivate and / or Adobe eLearning Suite. The core issue will be expediting eLearning development with the complete toolset provided in Adobe eLearning Suite 2.
Register for it now HERE:
Posted by Allen Partridge5:34 PM
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