August 13, 2010

Using for Adobe Captivate project reviews

In Adobe Captivate 4,  you could send an Adobe Captivate project for a review over email. The reviewers would store their comments in a network share location, export them as XML files, or send them over email to you.  You would then import the comments into your project.

In Adobe Captivate 5, the review feature has been enhanced to help you leverage all the benefits that offers:

  • acts as a comment store
  • Users can reply to comments and comment threads are maintained.
  • You can continue to modify your project even after sending it for review. Adding/deleting slides, modifying slide durations etc will not affect the comments shown on Timeline. (In Cp 4, it was recommended that you do not modify the project after sending it for review).
  • Offline-commenting. In Cp 4, reviewers used to lose unsaved comments if comments are on network share and network connectivity is lost.

Here are the instructions to set up your project for review using

  1. Open the project that you want to share for review.
  2. Select File > Collaborate > Send For Shared Review.
  3. In the Send for Shared Review dialog box, type a name for the review file (CREV file) and then select Automatically Download and Track Comments From
  4. Click Next.
  5. Provide your Adobe ID and password. If you do not have an Adobe ID, create it using the link provided at the top of the dialog box.
  6. Click Sign In. A draft of the e-mail notifications to be sent to the reviewers appears.
  7. Customize the body of the draft if you want to provide additional instructions to reviewers.
  8. Enter e-mail addresses of reviewers in the To and Cc fields, and click Send.


All the reviewers receive an email notification with the URL to access your project. They download the project onto their local machines and open it using Adobe Captivate Reviewer. The reviewers then just sign-in to with their Adobe ID and use Adobe Captivate Reviewer to add comments to the project.

The following demonstration shows how you can set up Adobe Captivate project reviews using

Stay tuned for separate entries on Offline commenting and Captivate review on MAC.

Posted by dnayak1:58 PM
  • Tim Golden

    One question, wondering if anyone knows the answer. Can a reviewer export the comments and have tags embedded that show what slide they made the comment on? I have some customers who are very record-oriented…they want a complete record of what and where they made comments so they can go back and compare if needed.

  • Deepak Nayak

    Hi Tim,

    Yes, Reviewer can export the comments using “Export Comments” button(Right most button ). Export comments will ask user to provide directory to which comments should be exported as XML comment files. Comment XMLs contain all the information about each comment like which slide, frame inside slide, time, etc. These comment XMLs can be imported in Cp project and author can see comments at proper slide with all the details.


  • Roger Agness

    Can you please set this video to NOT automatically start when you access this page?

    Twice now I have come to this page, and start leisurely reading down through it… and typewriter clicks and mouse clicks and other sound effects start coming out of my headphones. I have several windows open, and I’m not sure WHERE the noise is coming from. I finally scroll down to this video “Using for Adobe Captivate project reviews” and see that this is where the noise is coming from.

    Annoying, yes. Deal-breaker, no.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Tim Golden


    Thanks for the reply. I have exported the comments from the reviewer current utilized in CP4, but could not pin down how the additional identifiers embedded in the xml related to the slide number. You’re saying that it’s clearer, then, in the reviewer xml export from this?

  • I have followed these instructions several times but get the message that my file is corrupt and can not be opened after i download it. I need to review this file with my Manager. Any suggestions? We ahve bought full copies of Captivate 5 recently.

    • Deepak Nayak

      Hi Kathryn,

      You get this error when downloaded .crev file is not proper. .crev file is actually ZIP file which contains Captivate swf and properties file. Could you please try renaming .crev file to zip and try unzipping the content. You should have Captivate swf and a properties file.

      Sometimes issue would be that download from is not working properly. Try downloading file from using different browser.

      You can also send error .crev file to me @ I will verify and get back to you at earliest.


  • Error in reading review file. Either the file is not of correct format or corrupted.

  • Rachel Kubel

    Great info! I recently started using Reviewer and it works really well. Are there any best practices for managing comments? For instance, I’ve been accepting comments that require follow-up so that I can use them as my task list. I then have to reject them when they are completed. Any chance that future versions might include a “done” option?


  • Jehinger

    I am on WIndows 7 using Captivate 5. When the CREV filed tries to get sent to, I get an unknown exception error and it says I don’t have an interner connection, which I do. I can upload the cptx file to acrobat, just doesn’t seem to work on sending the review file.

  • Lbalogh

    Hi – I am also experiencing the same error: unknown error, I do have an internet connection.

  • Debbie

    I am using Captivate 5 and have a project file to be shared for review. While the file was open, I selected the Colloboration/Share for Review which brought me to the Adobe site. However, it said that it cannot load the file but can be downloaded to my desktop.
    What am I doing wrong?

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