September 3, 2010

Hidden shortcuts of Captivate 5

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to boost productivity. While most of the keyboard shortcuts are listed besides the menu items in Cp5, there are few which are hidden underneath. Here is a list of some of those shortcuts


Editing shortcuts

Shortcut key Action
Ctrl + I (Win), Command + I (Mac) Left indent selected items
Shift + Ctrl + I (Win), Shift + Command + I (Mac) Right indent selected items
Ctrl + – (Win), Command + – (Mac) Decrease magnification
Ctrl + = (Win), Command + = (Mac) Increase magnification
Page Up (Win & Mac) Scroll to the previous slide
Page Down (Win & Mac) Scroll to the next slide
Alt + Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows (Win), Option + Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows Click the object, click a resize handle, and use these options to resize the object in the selected direction by 1 pixel
Ctrl + Q (Win), Shift + Option + R (Mac) Insert a random question slide
F5 (Win & Mac) Open slide audio dialog
Ctrl + P (Win), Command + P (Mac) Start audio at play head position
Ctrl + B (Win), Command + B (Mac) Find current slide’s audio in library
Shift + Ctrl + V (Win), Shift + Command + V (Mac) Insert stencil slides
Ctrl + U (Win), Command + U (Mac) Underline the selected text
Shift + Alt + Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows (Win), Shift + Option + Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows Click the object, click a resize handle, and use these options to resize the object in the selected direction by 10 pixel
Ctrl + Enter (Win), Command + Enter (Mac) Preview the project
Space (Win & Mac) Show on stage preview of the current slide

Magnification shortcuts

Shortcut key Action
Ctrl + 1 (Win), Command + 1 (Mac) 100%
Ctrl + 2 (Win), Command + 2 (Mac) 200%
Ctrl + 3(Win), Command + 3 (Mac) 300%
Ctrl + 4 (Win), Command + 4 (Mac) 400%
Ctrl + – (Win), Command + – (Mac) Zoom out
Ctrl + + (Win), Command + + (Mac) Zoom in
Ctrl + 0 (win), Command + 0 (Mac) Best Fit Zoom / Center Align Workspace

For the complete list of keyboard shortcuts check Captivate 5 help.

Posted by Rahul Sharma4:10 PM
  • Its very good information Rahul. Really shortcut makes work very easy and productivity higher. Also the use of shortcut makes you use less of mouse and this also relax your hand. This shortcuts are not listed in the Shortcut menu that makes people unknown of these. Hope you will send more information like this.

  • dianne

    Thanks for this really helpful list but can you make the font color in the table darker? The shortcuts are really hard to see.

  • vilu

    But what’s the problem that prevents you from providing such material as a downloadable pdf?

  • dianne

    Umm, why do I want to download something when I can bookmark it? It’s a question of how the resource is most naturally used when you need to refer to a shortcut-think most will reach for the bookmark rather than open a pdf. Could be wrong,…but if usability of the site isn’t something Adobe cares about, well, not much to be done.

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  • Zain

    Hello Rahul,

    I am trying to create a Project using Captivate 5 (I have used Captivate 4 in the past)… the problem I am having is the LINKS to Websites. I want the users to click on the links provided that opens a new window and they can review it as a reference without getting interrupted.
    I added the click option with an action command. But when I publish, it doesn’t do anything…

    Can you help me! please.

  • Rahul Sharma
  • Ines

    in the shortcut list, it says CTRL – to Zoom out. I’m having the problem, that it always goes to the smallest view (25) whenever I hit the CTRL button. That is somewhat annoying because I use the CTRL button for a lot more, eg. CTRL+ SHIFT + C… but if I don’t hit all 3 buttons at exactly the same time, the window is tiny and I need to resize it again.
    Is there a way to customise these KEyboard shortcuts? THat by some chance I changed something without knowing it?
    thanks for any idea, Ines.

  • Amy

    What are the keyboard shortcuts for send to back/bring to front and send backward/bring forward? That would be REALLY helpful, as they’re not listed in the help.

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  • KineticNewbie

    Is there a way/keyboard shortcut to shorten a timeline. In Flash it’s Shift-F5. If not it would be nice to have. Consistency across Adobe products what a concept.

    • KineticNewbie

      Got it, Shift Left Arrow.

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