September 23, 2010

MS PowerPoint 2010 support in Adobe Presenter

The Adobe Presenter installer needs a compatible version of MS PowerPoint for installation, and previously this prevented Presenter installation on machines with MS Office 2010. The Adobe Presenter installer has now been updated to enable installation on a computer having MS PowerPoint 2010. This compatibility is limited to the installation of English, French, German and Japanese versions of Adobe Presenter only. You can download this Presenter version from the Adobe Presenter homepage (click on the download link)

For using Adobe Presenter with PowerPoint 2010, after installing Presenter, please apply all the updates till Adobe Presenter 7.0.6. Adobe Presenter updates are sequential and must be applied one after the other. The updates can either be applied by using updates interface available in the help menu or by downloading them from Adobe Presenter support website

Please note that customers who have an existing Presenter installation can install the Presenter 7.0.6 patch directly via Adobe Update Manager (Presenter> Help), or by downloading it from Adobe Presenter support website.

With this patch we’ve also addressed some key PPTX compatibility bugs, like the text overflow.

Posted by Shameer Ayyappan6:00 PM
  • JRA

    Will the product key for the Adobe eLearning Suite work with this version? When I tried doing an individual install trying to work around this before using the Presenter installation package on the eLearning Suite DVD… it would not take the key. The key would only work when using the suite installer.

    • The eLearning Suite product key will not activate Presenter 7.0.6 Point Product install.

      • MJ

        I purchased the Acrobat 9 Pro Extended package that included Presenter. How can I upgrade my presenter version, since I only had 1 serial for the package?

        • Almacote

          I’d like an answer to MJ’s question, please.

        • We now have Presenter 7.0.7 available. This is not a free upgrade for Acrobat 9 Pro extended customers.

          • mj

            Well thanks for failing me! It would be nice if your software was compatible for longer than a year or two. Now I’m forced to either pay to ‘upgrade’, which is really just another word for ‘make the program function properly again’. The Acrobat 9 Pro package cost me more than the regular Acro. 9 package. What did I pay extra for? Apparently less than was advertised.

          • MJ, I apologize. I just realized that your earlier post was referring to an upgrade to Presenter 7.0.6 (that offers Office 2010 support), and not to the latest Presenter release (Presenter 7.0.7 with AS3 support).

            We’ve provided free upgrades for Presenter in Acrobat Pro Extended that make it compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Office (2010) and Windows OS. You can download these builds here:
            The base version for Office 2010 is labeled 7.0a, and you can install the updates thru to 7.0.6

          • Philip

            The base version labeled 7.0a (your referenced solution to the product key question) does not accept the product key from the package suite (Acrobat 9 Pro Extended).

            Is there a way to install presenter 7, purchased with a package product key, where office 2010 in installed?

          • Philip

            The base version labeled 7.0a (your referenced solution to the product key question) does not accept the product key from the package suite (Acrobat 9 Pro Extended).

            Is there a way to install presenter 7, purchased with a package product key, where office 2010 in installed?

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  • Bonnie Davis

    Will the patched Adobe Presenter 7 ever be available for a 64-bit setup? The download site says it’s for 32-bit only.

    • Presenter 7.0.6 will work on 64 bit Win OS, that are running a 32 bit MS Office. It will not install on a 64 bit MS Office set up.
      64bit MS Office support is on our roadmap, but we don not have a release date for that as yet.

      • DanS

        Shameer, any news for us on the 64-bit MS Office support?

  • tim

    need someone to reply here as i too need a 64 bit solution.

  • mark

    so it takes more than one year to release a compatible 32 bit version of presenter for office 2010. then you say you have no idea when you will release something compatible with office 2010 64-bit? of course adobe is thinking about it! office 2010 64-bit has been on the market for over one year. most genuine software companies are ready with their upgrades at the same time MS releases their software.

    you charge $599 for an upgrade you know won’t work on many of our computers. do i smell a class action lawsuit? what a #%#@#%@# up company!

    • Mark, thanks for you post. I appreciate you taking the time to express your frustration and value diverse constructive feedback. I would like to correct some inaccurate statements found in your post. Adobe didn’t charge anything for the update to Adobe Presenter which enabled MS Office 2010 support on 32 bit versions of Office. That’s 0$ for the update to Adobe Presenter. I’m not sure where you are getting your dollar figure, but it’s incorrect. The update to Presenter is offered as a download to current Presenter owners free of charge.

      Adobe Presenter is not currently supported on 64 bit versions of Office 2010 (it is also not supported on Macintosh versions of Office 2010). Finally, Adobe does not generally make announcements about upcoming release dates.

  • Hi there,

    Please correct the system requirements page, warning in large letters with the words: ATTENTION 64-bit versions of Office NOT SUPPORTED!

    It is sad to know that Adobe is making such an important product updates or not incompatible with the new trend of technology, the 64-bits is present but not in Presenter!

  • EB

    Not anticipating it wouldn’t work, I installed Presenter 7 pm a PC running 64 bit Windows Office 2010. How do I save the license if I uninstall it to load it on a 32 bit machine?

    • Once you’ve uninstalled it on the first machine, you should be able to activate Presenter on the second machine using the same serial number. Please contact customer support if you face any issues with this.

  • Pascal_roy

    Is it normal that I have problem inserting flash with presenter and Powerpoint 2010

  • Ben_davis

    I am running Office 2010 – 32 bit – but when I run the Presenter set up file – it says it cannot find any PPT installation – I have PPT open on the machine…

    any ideas?

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