October 14, 2010

Captivate Roadshow – Oct 25-29, Nov 1-2

We are doing a Captivate/eLearning Roadshow in the week of Oct 25-29 and Nov 1-2, 2010.

Locations – US East Coast (NYC, DC, …) and Bay Area (SF, San Jose, …). Do let us know if you are not in these areas, we will try and accommodate a slot to visit you.

Our Agenda for the meeting will be:

– Take our users through a sneak-peek of what to expect in the future from Captivate and eLearning Suite

– Understand your workflows/concerns better and tailor solutions into our roadmap

– Deep dive (beyond Captivate 5) and suggest best practices to optimize your existing workflows

– Help set up a direct communication channel with the Adobe product team

Please leave a comment on this post if you would like to meet us.  Look forward to our discussions!

Posted by Akshay Bharadwaj4:56 PM
  • I am sure that you will have a full house if you include Atlanta, GA.

  • Jenn Grover

    With all of the tech developed in Pittsburgh, you would be sure to be a success if you planned one for the Steeler Nation. 🙂

  • I vote for a stop in PIttsburgh too. I would love to go to the road show and learn!

  • You should swing by Portland, OR while you’re on the West Coast….

  • Dan Hupp

    I agree with the last post. There are a lot of ID folks in Pittsburgh using Captivate, we sure hope you will add us to this tour.

    • If the Pittsburgh gang wants to gather – I actually live very nearby. It’s totally viable for us to have a group meeting or something. The guys are going to Washington this time, but i’ll definitely encourage them to swing a little further over the next time they visit.

      • A group meeting in Pittsburgh would be awesome! Depending on the number of attendees my office may be able to accomodate the meeting. We have a “classroom” that we’ve used for group meetings in the past.

      • david

        There is an Adobe eLearning User user group that meet on Carnegie Mellon university’s campus in Oakland (Pittsburgh)… maybe they’d host something for you all to come to?

        I can put you in touch with them if you want… let me know

  • Eric

    How do the roadshows work? Are they lots of private events, or are the gatherings public?

    If public, where in SFBay area will you be?

    • Lots of visits with customers – it gives us a chance to meet people using Captivate and eLearning Suite and better understand their needs, workflows etc.

  • I’ve been trying to get somebody just to do a focused virtual demo for us as we launch a new eLearning initiative and can’t get anyone to return my calls.

    • You can email me directly at allenp (at) adobe (dot) com to set something up.

  • In DC, and would be very interested in learning more about Captivate through the roadshow!


  • Can you schedule a roadshow in Chicago sometime?

  • Come to Boston! it’s the educational factory outlet of the world.

  • Kelly

    Would love a stop in Spokane (but would settle for Seattle) while you’re on the West Coast!

  • Sally Cox and I are manage an Adobe User Group in San Jose, CA that would love to tell our 840+ members about Captivate, and participate in any way we can!

  • Can you share or email the details for the bay area session?
    I would like for us at Oracle to participate. Thanks!

  • Angel nazir


    I am in Sacramento, CA and would love for you to come our here at our local ASTD center. Bay Area gets all the fun stuff and we should have a chance too .


  • Dona Marino

    I would like to arrange a visit with my team in NYC. Monday afternoon is the best time for us.

  • Doug Desilets

    It would be great if you could include Boston. I have a lot of questions and experiences with Cap 5 that I like to share with Adobe.

  • Steve

    I’d like to vote for a stop in the Twin Cities, thanks!

  • Chap

    I’m an IT trainer for a large association in the DC area (Bethesda, MD). We have a large educational component, if you’re interested.

  • Jennifer Zapp

    I’d love to meet, but I’m in Los Angeles. However, I’ll be up in San Francisco for DevLearn on Nov. 4 (one day only). If we could meet then, that would be super.

    • Jennifer, I’ll be there (Allen) with Akshay and Nipun. You can find us on the show floor at the expo on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll be doing a bunch of short demos throughout both days. Introduce yourself if you happen to stop by.

  • My colleague and I are interested in attending the DC event. How can we get more information or set up an appointment?

  • Erin Fullerman

    We are located in Youngstown, Ohio but we would head to Pittsburgh or Cleveland if you made a stop there!

  • Definitely would love Pittsburgh!

  • BDuck

    Ann Arbor or Detroit would be encouraged!

  • Stacey Colinger

    I agree with the first comment — come to Atlanta! You are sure to get lots of attendees here. Plus, we would love to hear what you have to say about Captivate.

  • Steve Howard


    We tried to get Akshay to come to Atlanta, but it wasn’t possible logistically.

    But we got the next best thing – Akshay has organised to do a 2 hour online presentation for us!!! Check out the details here



  • I would like to arrange a visit with my team in Atlanta. Tuesday morning is the best time for us.

  • I may be able to host one in Los Angeles.

  • Richard Schultz

    Can anybody let me know if the 2 hour online presentation will be available for viewing after the fact? I don’t think I can participate tomorrow morning! 🙁 Thanks!

  • Sara Carpenter

    Fantastic opportunity to meet and talk about what I’m doing with Captivate. Akshay and Shameer – thanks for taking the time to meet!

  • Nicholas Del Carlo

    How about and advanced roadshow in Chicago? We are centrally located.

    Thank you,


  • Becky Goldberg

    Travelers Insurance has a large team of developers in St. Paul, and we’d definitely benefit from a visit. Contact me for information, I can get you in touch with the training network coordinators 🙂

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