December 16, 2010

About the Upcoming Captivate 5 Minor Patch & the Flash – Animated Text bug

Issue: Adobe Captivate projects with Animated Text fail to display in browsers using the most recent version of Flash (
Resolution: An authoring fix for Captivate 5 was created immediately and remains available today. The next version of Flash (expected early 2011) will play Captivate text animations correctly, with or without the authoring fix. Now users may also download a complete patch containing all fixes to date, or wait for the Automatic Update – expected in the next week or so.

The Adobe Captivate & eLearning Suite Development team has been hard at work over the past several months, working diligently since the release of Captivate 5 to iron out any issues or bugs which users have reported. As a result the team is ready with a minor update patch which resolves most of the issues customers have reported since the release of Adobe Captivate 5.

The patch itself will come via the automatic updater built into Captivate 5 for most users, but we wanted to give the regular users of the blog a chance to download an advanced copy in case any of the issues resolved will give them dramatic relief over the next week while the auto-downloader is put into service.

The most significant issue reported by users during this period came in the wake of the last update to the Flash Plugin. A security fix caused an unforseen issue in already published Captivate 5 movies and or aggregated projects that contained any instance of text animation. The team immediately released an update to Captivate Authoring which allows content creators to republish the Captivate 5 content and resolve the Flash playback issue, but this was little consolation to people with many projects already online that simply didn’t play in the new version of the Flash Player. Understandably, people wanted to know; will there be a Flash update. I’m very pleased to report that in fact there will. The fix to the Flash Player is in and working. An update to bring this Flash Player version to users is anticipated early in 2011.

In addition to these two resolutions (install the Captivate minor update, or wait for the Flash player update) the engineering team has also created a handy Air application that will allow you to repair affected content without having to reopen and publish it in Captivate. Check the blog for more details on that solution as well.

This patch addresses some of the capture, audio, publish, and upgrade issues in Adobe Captivate 5, along with a few more frequently encountered issues.

To download the patch, please visit the Adobe Captivate Support page. A detailed list of the issues resolved by the patch is available here.

It’s very important that you read the patch release notes, because there are currently requirements that you update two INI files in order to get the benefit of the screen capture timing fix and the audio ends cutoff fix.

Posted by Allen Partridge6:54 PM
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  • Magda Diaz

    This patch fixed the the problems I was having with audio cutting off. Thanks for fixing it right before I was going to create a hack with Flash :)

    • Allen Partridge

      YVW Magda. 😉 Just a reminder to folks applying the patch for the audio cutoff or slide synching issue with capture – you have to edit the ini files as specified in the knowledge base article. Without changing the INI files, Captivate will continue to use the default behaviors. Why? Different computers behave differently. Since fewer people were affected, they made it a variable you can set in the INI files if you experience the issue. Here’s the link to the Knowledge Base Article with how to set up your INI for each if you experience this issue.

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  • Grace

    Is anyone having an issue with Captivate 5 and non-functioning click boxes? We installed the patch so the text animation with rescaling is now fixed, but I have multiple click boxes set to pause the project until the user clicks, which are being completely ignored both in the preview mode and publish mode for right and/or left clicks. I’m dealing wtih the tech support folks at Adobe, but in the meantime, thought I’d try here…..

    • Allen Partridge

      Grace, I haven’t seen this as an issue – however, check to ensure that your click boxes aren’t under something else interactive. Look at the timeline stack and bring your clickboxes to the top – and also ensure that you don’t have one clickbox covering all the others. Also watch the timeline while it plays to see if it pauses where you think it should. There are a couple of other great resources out there – 1. the Captivate forums. (Just go to and post there under Captivate) and if you’re pretty sure its looking like a bug, then send a note to wish-captivate (at) Generally though – click box problems come down to timeline and layering issues. *I’m making a note to do a video or two showing common hazards.

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