December 23, 2010

Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and Presenter 7 activation issue

Problem Area :   User has a valid Acrobat 9 Pro Extended license for Windows Platform .

 He downloads and installs the Presenter installer(which supports installation on Office 2010) from Adobe website but is not able to activate Presenter.

 Acrobat 9 Pro Extended comes bundled with Adobe Presenter 7. However when user tries to install Presenter 7 from Acrobat installer on a system that has Office 2010, the presenter installer throws an error saying that PowerPoint is not detected

The issue here is that the Presenter installer that was bundled along with Acrobat 9 Pro Extended build did not support installation on Office 2010 systems

In that case if the user can go to Adobe website and downloads the installer of Presenter 7 which supports installation on Office 2010 systems. He is able to install the same on an Office 2010 system but activation does not happen using the Acrobat 9 Pro Extended key

Workaround:  If the user has a valid Acrobat 9 Pro Extended license for Windows platform, then he can activate Presenter 7 in the following manner

1)       Install Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and activate it on the machine on which you want to install and activate Presenter

2)       Download the installer of Presenter that supports installation on Office 2010 from Adobe website and install the same in TRIAL mode

3)       Close Presenter and go to Presenter installation directory (<drive>\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 7) and go inside AMT folder

4)       Rename AdobeConfig.xml and application.sif files

5)       Relaunch Presenter

Presenter installer will sniff the system for a valid Acrobat 9 Pro Extended license and will automatically get activated

Posted by vishesh3:00 PM
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  • This worked perfectly – and after searching hours on end for answers that just were not coming… Much appreciated!

  • Tom Giordano

    This does not work for me. here is the error message I get (Windows 7 and Office 2010). Adobe Presenter failed to open becuase either it is not licensed or there is an error with the licensing system ….

    I am pulling out my hair.

    Tom Giordano

  • Darrence W

    I got my presenter 7 bundled with Acrobat 9 Pro extended some time ago. Recently, I have upgraded my computer with Acrobat X pro and Powerpoint 2010. I am unable to install the acrobat 9 pro extended while having the Acrobat X in my system. How do I get the presenter 7 (that comes with the A9 Pro Ext) into my computer without error and licensing issue? Please help.

  • Darrence W

    Is it possible for Adobe to provide those genuine “Acrobat 9 Pro extended” owner with a key to the new “Installer for Presenter 7.0.7 update” of which we can download from the Adobe site. As all genuine owner have a registered account with adobe. (we show you the acro9 Pro Ext key as proof and you can give us a key for the Presenter 7 update that is compatible with MS powerpoint 2010 and easily downloadable)

  • ankit

    i want activate my acobate 9 pro ..
    so i want key…for 1 month activation..?

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