February 15, 2011

Fix for Audio cut issue in Captivate 5


Over the last few months, a few users have reported that they have observed an audio cut in the published output of their Captivate projects. This can happen when a continuous audio* is present on all slides of the project and also in the case of discontinuous audio^. If you have observed this issue in your published projects and this is happening even after installing the patch, don’t worry, here are three simple steps you have to follow to get rid of this problem.


Install Adobe Captivate patch from here: http://www.adobe.com/support/captivate/downloads.html

You can also initiate the update process from the application by navigating to Help >> Updates. This will bring up the Adobe Update manager and list the updates available for Captivate.

Read the release notes for the patch here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/881/cpsid_88142.html. Follow the instructions mentioned in the “Using the AudioOptions.ini file to obtain the fix for the audio issue” section in the release notes to place the “AudioOptions.ini” file in the Installed folder of Captivate.

Step1 can be skipped if you have already installed the patch. Captivate build number after installing the patch should be

Step 2:

Now launch Captivate and open the project which has Audio cut issue. Select all the slides in the project. (Select the first slide and Shift+Select the last slide). In the Slide PI change the “Slide Exit” action from “Go to Next slide” to “No Action


In the “Publish dialog” tick in the check box “Force re-publish all the slides” and then Publish.

Now the published output should play entire audio present on slides and no audio cut issues should be seen.

* Continuous audio – Audio, with duration equal to slide timing, present on all the slides of the project

^ Discontinuous audio – Audio present only on certain slides of the project

Posted by Ashwin Bharghav3:26 PM
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  • Roman Melnyk

    Why are these patches, fixes and updates not proactively sent out to your customers leaving us to have to search and find them ourselves. I just found this one “New utility for deleting Adobe Captivate project cache” that has been out since September. I couldn’t figure out what these files were or if I could get rid of them as they have eaten up a ton of my disk space. We have all registered with Adobe so sending the links and udpates would be easy. Or better yet, how about updating these automatically. This is another one of those frustrating issues with this software and support.

    • Ashwin Bharghav

      Hi Roman,

      Patches are sent to customers proactively. We have released a patch couple of months back and is available for install from your application. I believe Adobe update manager would have prompted you to install the updates available. You can refer the release notes for details about the fixes.

      We mention about the best practices, hot fixes in these blogs and i suggest you to visit this blog and user forums for more information.

      If some people write to us about an issue we provide a hot fix even before we release the patch. The hot fix might not be needed by all the people. Hence we dont force people to install the hot fix. We push the patch to users machines and not Hot fixes. When a patch is released it will have all these hot fixes + fixes for other bugs.

      -Ashwin Bharghav B

      • Roman Melnyk

        There were no updates sent to me or was I prompted to install any. I even ran the update manually yesterday, and no prompt for any update. The application manager said I was up to date even though this patch is out there. I manually downloaded it and installed it. Again, I get a ton of email from Adobe to buy new product and/or upgrade others. Why not send a proactive notification of patches and hot fixes instead of having to rely on the user to remember to have to come to a blog to see what may have been released. With everything I have to do on a daily basis, I don’t have time to sit around and read a blog. I had a question about trying to do something and saw these posts. Being proactive will go a long way in restoring credibility to Adobe support.

  • Thanks for this tutorial…

  • Bob Cunningham

    The build number is

    • Ashwin Bharghav

      Thanks.. I will update it

  • You say ” a few users.” What are the conditions under which this issue occurs. I don’t need to spend my time snarking around looking for glitches that may or may not effect me.

    Oh, and please spare us your characterization of these steps as “simple.” They are not simple if you have many files to fix.

    • Ashwin Bharghav

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for taking time to read the blog post. As i have mentioned in the blog post, audio cuts can happen if the audio is continuous or discontinuous in your captivate project. We have fixed many of the failure cases through patch (not all). Installing the patch and placing the AudioOptions.ini file in the installed folder of Captivate should solve the issue to a great extent.

      If you still see audio cuts then we recommend the steps mentioned this blog post. This is a Hot fix to solve the issue.

  • spycha

    I have two questions:
    1) is patch which repair the fonts and size the boxes in captivate 5? This problem will be on forum: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/787447?tstart=0 ???
    2) is exist more quizzes?


    • Spycha, I think you mean Text entry boxes. No, there’s no patch to alter the appearance of Text entry boxes. I’m not sure I understand the second question. Can you elaborate?

  • Roberta

    I would love to be able to experience the issues that 5 has, but none of my 4 files will open in 5…waited 25 minutes and still nothing. My co-worker and I have been reading everything we can get our hands on, and the only thing I keep coming back to is, we should have just stayed in 4….sigh….

    • Roberta – send an email to wish-captivate@macromedia.com. You should be able to open / convert Cp4 files in Cp5 without any issues. There are no known issues with this, so you may have a unique configuration that is causing some unexpected behaviors.

    • Roman Melnyk


      I had the same issues when I first started working with it. Read the posts on this forum. You will see a link to a patch that may help. I was able to work through my issues after this.


      Good luck

  • KLee

    I’m still having the same problems even after this patch…. Apparently this is a different issue, that seems to address audio cuts AFTER the file is made, which I haven’t seen happen… The problem that I (and many others) are having is microphone Loss DURING creation of a file. – When is that issue going to be addressed?

  • I had the same problem and the patch/ 3 easy steps didn’t work for me.

    I did have success when I changed the publish audio setting to FM bitrate (64kbps). I have done a few tests locally and online and it seems to be working now…

    • Atomasovsky

      None of these; patch/ 3 easy steps and FM bitrate (64kbps) fixes worked for my audio cutting off@ the end of my course.
      Any other ideas?

  • Sonia Woolf

    I am only have an issue when publishing to FLV and the update didn’t help. Audio has a stutter or echo effect that I can’t get rid of. Its fine in the SWF but I have no software that will convert SWF files to another format…not even Media Encoder.

  • Anonymous

    When “recording to slide” in Captivate everything sounds okay until playing the slide. Then there is a lot of clicks and pops in the wave file.
    This happened after the latest update to version (date 06/27/2011).
    Yesterday, everthing was just fine.
    Please solve our problem.
    Best regards
    Karolinska Institutet, University Library
    Peter Stedt

  • Guest

    I keep getting an “Update is not applicable” message when attempting to run the patch installer. I have verified that my version of Captive is The patch says that it is a cumulative patch meaning users can upgrade to directly from, and will get the patch automatically. Why can’t I install the patch? Could it be a problem if both captivate 5 and Captivate 4 are installed on this same machine?

  • Tim Murray

    How about a similar write-up for Cp 5.5? I did the “no action” — although I had to do it to each slide one by one, I could not do it with a select all — and it was no help.

    • Hi Tim,
      Multi-Selecting all the slides and changing the slide exit action to “No Action” should eliminate audio cut issue . While multi-selecting please make sure question slides/result slide are not selected.

      If you are still facing audio cut issues in your project, then please write to me at ashwin at adobe dot com. I need your project to investigate further. You may choose to upload your project to file sharing service or acrobat.com and share the download link with me. Please mention which slides show up the audio cut issue in the published output.

      Ashwin Bharghav B

  • Atomasovsky

    None of these; patch/ 3 easy steps and FM bitrate (64kbps) fixes worked for my audio cutting off@ the end of my course.
    Any other ideas?

  • John F

    Will the AudioOptions.ini work for Captivate 5.5 also.

  • Johan Busck

    My audio is cut off within the project and not only in published ones. Tried this patch but get “Update is not applicable”.
    Updated all my e-learning software, still no luck. Ideas?

  • Rita

    I have tried all of the fixes mentioned here and my audio is still cutting out. Ashwin, I tried to email you my file using YouSendIt but it keeps kicking back. Please advise.

  • Dkwak

    I have just installed version 5.5 – is the above patch still applicable? I am also experiencing T2S cut-off at the end of slides after the file is published (it sounds great during preview mode). Not only that, but the speech sometimes skips during the slide/mid-sentence… help!


  • I tried what was suggested here but my audio is still getting cut off.

    I also tried using two different audios already (one is using the TTS – Paul; and the other one is importing mp3s) but I still have this audio cut off issue.

    Also, I have a 2 seconds buffer in between the PowerPoint slides.

    My Adobe Captivate version is Please help!

    Best regards,

  • Devary Shmaya-Smart

    blerg. Let’s face it, this thing is just never going to work properly.

  • Tommy King

    I’m experiencing this same issue. We have a course that has just over 350 slides. I already had the most up-to-date version of Captivate. The file runs fine locally, but when publishing as SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004, it skips the first second or so of audio. This gets even more noticeable the deeper into the course that you go.

    This is a very odd bug. Essentially, the problem is that once you publish to a media that is intended to be published to, it stops working sporadically.

    • aditya tiwari

      Hi Tommy,

      May I know that you recorded audio to slides or imported external audio?

      Are you designing your course using responsive project?



      • Tommy King

        External audio was imported. Not sure if this is pertinent, but: the adio was added specifically by dragging audio from a folder on my Windows desktop directly onto a slide.

        This is not a responsive project.

        Also, we made some progress (sort of, I guess) in fixing the audio issues. We tested multiple different types of publish settings and noticed that SCORM 2004 v4 with only HTML (no SWF) yielded acceptable results. There is no audio skipping. But now we’ve alienated a significant number of users on older browsers that do not support HTML5, and also removed the ability to utilize SWF-based animations. This means that, for some odd reason, animated GIF files that were imported into the project have stopped working.

        Not ideal.

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