March 4, 2011

Solution to Inconsistent LMS reporting with Captivate SCORM courses on Mozilla based browsers

Always Captivate SCORM courses have worked fine when I have taken them on Internet explorer but on Mozilla based browsers there have been inconsistencies in reporting course or interaction data. I see that score and status are not updated to most recent activity. The reason for this different behavior of Captivate SCORM courses on IE and Mozilla based browsers is that both use different mechanisms to transfer reporting data from Captivate SWF to the Javascript in enclosing HTML.

On IE, Captivate 4, Action script 2 courses use FS Command as transfer mechanism and Actionscript 3 courses use External Interface based mechanism. Captivate 5 courses only support Actionscript 3 and use External Interface mechanism to transfer reporting data. For Actionscript 2 based courses FSCommand is best transfer mechanism and External Interface mechanism is the best for Actionscript 3 based courses.

On Mozilla based browsers, Captivate courses use Local Connection based mechanism to transfer reporting data from the SWF to Javascript. Local connection based mechanism is unreliable, does not support transferring large data. Local Connection mechanism does not 100% guarantee transfer of data. This is the reason why we see sometimes inconsistent reporting data with Captivate courses when taken on Mozilla based browsers.

So, moving from Local connection based data communication mechanism to External Interface based mechanism on Mozilla based browsers solves the inconsistent data reporting problem. There is simple one line change in SCORM html template which will make Captivate SCORM courses to use External Interface mechanism on Mozilla based browsers.
This issue will be fixed in the upcoming version of Captivate.

Please follow the steps described below. Same for both Captivate 4 and Captivate 5.
• Please go to $CaptivateInstallFolder/Templates/Publish/SCORM/1_2
• You will find Default.htm and Custom.htm
• Please go to line 31, “g_intAPIType = 1;” and change it to “g_intAPIType = 0;”
• Follow the same steps for the Default.htm and Custom.htm in folder $CaptivateInstallFolder/Templates/Publish/SCORM/2004

Modified SCORM1.2 HTML template for Captivate 5 is attached

Modified SCORM1.2 template is also shared on

Posted by dnayak11:58 AM
  • This is very useful and welcome info. But I don’t think you’ve set up the link to the modified SCORM 1.2 HTML template properly. Can you please check it?

  • Deepak Nayak

    I just checked the link and it works fine. Clicking link should take you to another page with link to download .zip file. zip contains the HTM file.

  • Jean Ashley

    Would this fix also apply to Captivate 4 generated courses, or is this an issue only for Captivate 5 courses on Mozilla-based browsers? The reason I ask is that I frequently have issues wherein Firefox (for example) will not recognize javascript within my Captivate 4 swfs.

    • Deepak Nayak

      Yes, This would apply for Captivate 4 generated courses also. This is fix is must if you are taking course on Firefox.

  • I have the same issue as Rod. The file-link doesn’t work. Neither in IE nor in Firefox.

  • File link still broken 🙁

  • Deepak Nayak

    For now, I have shared copy @ You can get the attached file @*6N0PsR2yM7AnpaN9Ih-w . Attached link will be fixed soon.

  • Mário Fonseca

    I am facing a similar problem with Firefox using Captivate 6 and there is no g_intAPIType variable because SCORM was completely re-written.

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