April 19, 2011

A new way to report scores to the LMS from your Captivate courses

Does your LMS gets bogged down and reports invalid data for your captivate course?

Even though the course is completed do you see the status reported to LMS as “incomplete”?

If the answer is “YES” to the above two questions then read further to learn how to overcome this strange behavior.

Interaction details about the score-able objects and question slides are sent to LMS at every instant during the course. If the LMS is not able to handle the data every instant then it would get bogged down and report incorrect score. To solve this behavior we have designed a template that would report scores to the LMS only at the end of the course. Sending the scores once at the end of the course will reduce the load on the LMS.  This way LMS would report a valid/correct score.

Follow these steps to add this new template to your gallery and use them when needed.

  1. Download the new template from here : https://acrobat.com/#d=ZE9KzmnYx1yvPLZBVXlhng
  2. Navigate to the installed folder of Captivate For Ex: (C:/Program Files/ Adobe/Adobe Captivate 5) on Windows. (Macintosh HD/Applications/Adobe Captivate 5) on MAC
  3. Navigate to folders “Template” >> “Publish” >> “SCORM “.
  4. For SCORM 1.2, open “1_2” folder and for SCORM 2004, open“2004” folder
  5. Unzip the contents downloaded in step 1 and copy “SendTrackingDataAtEnd.htm” from “SCORM1.2” folder or “SCORM2004” to “1_2” folder or “2004” folder respectively.
  6. Re-launch Captivate and open any project.
  7. Invoke the Quiz Preferences dialog from “Quiz >>Quiz Preferences” and select the newly added template as shown below.

      8.    Publish the project and upload it to LMS.

Now with the new template selected, the course will send the interaction details at the end.

Try out this new template and let us know.

Posted by Ashwin Bharghav7:02 PM
  • Joe Deegan

    Thanks for sharing! This sounds like a great option for low bandwidth users in particular. Do you happen to know if it compatible with CP 4 or just CP 5?

    • Ashwin Bharghav

      Hi Joe,

      This works for Captivate 4 as well.


      • Marie Cichocki

        Hi Ashwin,
        I can’t find this option Sendtrack in captivate 4. It is not there is the corresponding screen. Please advise.

  • I am interested in the answer to Joe’s question, also. I am making my quizzes in Captivate 4 and my lessons in Captivate 5 because of the glitch with the certificate (I like the certificate widget in 4 and can’t get it to work in 5). But, the Blackboard grade book keeps showing “In Progress” instead of the assessment data. I would actually do all this if I am sure it works in 4, also.

  • Deb Prather

    I see this fix for SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Can you send me this same update for AICC? We are using Plateau LMS and need to get rid of the messages that pop up after each slide.

    • Deb, try the fix / patches described here. Also, if you have your project files on a different server than your Plateau server, make sure that your Plateau server has a x-domain policy file.

  • Deb Prather

    Thanks Allen. I’ve done that patch, but what I REALLY need is the same patch that is listed above that they created two templates for SCORM (but not for AICC) that sends the data at the end instead of each slide. SO, I am looking for a new AICC template that sends data at the end. THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!

  • IEdokpayi

    Has anyone had issues pasting the htm file into the SCORM? Mine says it’s write protected.

    • Ashwin Bharghav

      Hi there,

      Do you have write permissions to the folder where you are trying to copy the file. You might need admin privileges for file related operations.

      Ashwin Bharghav B
      Adobe Captivate Team

  • IEdokpayi

    Ashwin, you were right. There was an issue with permissions which my IT department was able to work around. I have an existing project which I’d like to use the template for. Is there any way to apply a template to an existing project?

  • Meg Bertapelle

    great idea – maybe this would solve our issues with our international users – but I’m also using Plateau & would need the template for AICC.


  • TJ

    I am still having trouble with reporting scores to blackboard 8.0 even after I chose SendTrackingDataAtEnd. I am using Captivate 5.5 and I have tried the two options of reporting a score and a percentage. Any idea how to solve this problem?


    • TJ

      Update, please ignore my previous comment. All is good now. It was just a matter of having the right settings in place.

      • Gerald

        Hi TJ,
        What was the correct setting? I think I’m having the same problem. Neither score nor percentage reports in LMS (It always saves an empty value).

        Thanks very much,

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  • Wilson Adaikalaraj

    In this option, the LMS communication happening only once. If suppose the user close the window by any chance the data will not be stored. In the case of assessment the user can try for innumerable times. Because In firefox browser the Finish() function will not be triggered when the user clicks the close button.

  • Kselvey

    How do I upload a custome template here? I”m setting up for SCORM 1.2, but I have an HTML template that I need to use but can’t figure out how to upload this.

  • Barbison

    I was at a complete loss, and could not even use this method with IE 8. Had to use Mozilla to get the zip file downloaded. But once I used the downloaded template it worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Darrin Robertson

    What exactly is tracking data? Are locations still transmitted?

  • Kabo

    Hello! The download link is dead… please send new!



    • Sushi_06

      Yes, please provide a new link!!

      • gyest

        Bump! new link pls

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