September 2, 2011

HTML5 – Coming Soon!

Always wondered how to publish Adobe Captivate projects to HTML5?

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If you are looking to create HTML5 based content or have created HTML5 based content, we would love to talk with you, please leave us a comment.

Posted by Akshay Bharadwaj12:02 AM
  • Is it something that is connected with Adobe Edge ?
    Will there be a chance to convert old projects ?

    • Akshay Bharadwaj

      Piotrek – This project is specifically focussed on Captivate publishing to HTML5, Edge is a more generic tool for HTML5.

      Yes, you will be able to bring in Captivate 3/4/5 projects into Captivate 5.5 and output HTML5 content.

  • James22

    Time to pull out your wallets. Adobe is introducing a new feature.

    • Akshay Bharadwaj

      James – The first version will be free for you to try out

    • I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me!

  • Marc Schnau

    Sounds interesting. But what about people like me, who not at any price (!) want to register at facebook?

    • Akshay Bharadwaj

      Marc – “Like” us on facebook and get access to the first version when it comes out, no cost involved.

      • Marc Schnau

        Hmmm, i’am heaviliy tempted… ok.

  • Sven

    what about Presenter …any HTML5 plans for that tool?

  • Anonymous

    I’m very much looking to create HTML5 content, but I’m not keen on server-hosted options like Rapid Intake’s Mlearning Studio.

  • This will be one heck of a shift if you guys can pull this off this quickly…assuming you’re not talking about simply changing the wrapper html that loads in the swf files : )


  • Yeah! its nice to be aware of this new feature…

  • Yeah! its nice to be aware of this new feature…

  • Thumbs up, let’s see what you’ve got!

    Will this also be announced on this blog or twitter for those of us that don’t use Facebook?

  • Looking forward to it, but wow I’m not an Adobe fan…

  • Anonymous

    I was searching for HTML5 but i can’t find huge knowledge but your blog must give sufficient knowledge about HTML5.

  • What will happen with trackable Captivate files when published to Adobe Connect for tracking purposes?

  • Colin

    Being able to serve our Captivate content on iPads is important to our team. We create software simulations by the dozens and would love it if this could work without Flash Player.

    • Guest

      You might want to check out Luminosity Lightshow for HTML5 software application simulations, google it or click on

  • Will the HTML5 output include any interactive elements from the Captivate project, or will it just be HTML5 video (non-interactive)?

    • Interactive application simulations captured using #AdobeCaptivate can be published as HTML5 (retaining the interactivity). In-fact, even your old Captivate SWFs can be published as HTML5! Do visit our FB page to learn more on this.

  • This sounds great! I have also wondered about HTML 5.

  • This feature would keep Captivate relevant to an increasingly tablet and mobile centric world. Like many, I am extremely curious (dare I say skeptical) as to what level of integration to expect, including 3rd party widgets etc…Adobe – please do no over-promise and under-deliver – here’s your chance to shoot straight. That being said, great product direction!

  • I publish with both Captivate and Presenter and would like to hear more about this new feature.

  • Kyneton_park

    Luminosity Studio from CM Group is a rapid eLearning authoring toolset that outputs in HTML5 – it supports a choice of formats including HTML4 and Silverlight and can optionally include Flash assets
    Luminosity Lightshow from the same company is a low cost product that generates HTML5 software application simulations

  • Ay Tv

    Ara naqra inti tmur inti mod tiegħek lura,

  • John Lawrence

    Hi, My name is John Lawrence of eLearningTV We are the only show dedicated to the world of corporate training and development. I am doing research for the next episode which is on HTML5 for eLearning applications and would love to interviewe a person from Adobe. I can be reached at 323 466 6806

  • Dadsa

    Ara naqra inti tmur inti mod tiegħek lura,

  • Ara naqra inti tmur inti mod tiegħek lura,

  • Sort of feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this! I really need to be able to reach mobile devices!

  • Thank you very goods.

  • Congratulations on your site that is always open to innovation. you designed your programsThank youu

  • seo

    html5 is now time to learn a little bit

  • kral

    Hüseyin Ada 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    Congratulations on your site that is always open to innovation. you designed your programsThank youu

  • yes eh i wanna create a video-player can someone help me???

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