September 20, 2011

HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5 is here!

I’m really excited to share with you that we have HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5 out on Adobe Labs. With the HTML5 Converter, you can easily convert Adobe Captivate generated SWF to HTML5 format and repurpose your countless hours of interactive trainings for your mobile devices that do not support Flash content.

Here’s the link to download the HTML5 Converter from Adobe Labs and refer to the Release Notes to know about the supported features, known issues and the roadmap for supported features.  What are you waiting for? Get started using 5 simple steps and convert away your SWFs to HTML5.

Impatient to see the results before you try it out? Here are a few example courses for you 🙂

iPad Example with audio

iPad Example with simulation

Note: Viewing the examples on your Desktop? Access them on the Chrome browser for best results.

Now let’s get down to see a demonstration on how to use HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s just a three step process to convert your Captivate generated SWFs to HTML5 format. Here’s a short demonstration:

I’m eager to know your thoughts on HTML5 Converter so feel free to leave a comment here.

Happy Captivating! 🙂

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  • Matt


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  • Perrin Stewart

    I’m getting the following error when I try to convert:
    “Executable for video not found at: C:/Program File/Adobe/Adobe Captivate 5.5/DumpVideo.exe”

    I checked the folder path the error mentioned, and sure enough, there is no DumpVideo.exe file in there…

    • Hi Perrin,

      Did you follow these instructions when installing the converter?
      1. Install the HTML 5 Converter
      2. Find the following files in the Assets folder of the installation directory
      a. DumpVideo.exe
      i. This file should be placed in the Captivate 5.5 installation directory.
      ii. Used for converting FMR SWF to Videos
      b. Externals. Txt
      i. Modify the file to contain the full path of DumpVideo.exe file
      ii. This file should remain in the current location.

  • Ann Gerbin

    I get the same error as Perrin.

    • Please follow these instructions when installing the converter:
      1. Install the HTML 5 Converter
      2. Find the following files in the Assets folder of the installation directory
      a. DumpVideo.exe
      i. This file should be placed in the Captivate 5.5 installation directory.
      ii. Used for converting FMR SWF to Videos
      b. Externals. Txt
      i. Modify the file to contain the full path of DumpVideo.exe file
      ii. This file should remain in the current location.

      • Perrin Stewart

        Thanks…..the error that I’m running into now is that the converter says “Converting” but never moves past that point. I left it running for 30 minutes on a 3 MB file and it was still spinning and saying “Converting” so I had to kill the program….

        • Anonymous

          Hi Perrin,
          Can you tell some more details about the project? Like :
          • Number of FMR slides in the project
          • Are there any animation(.swf) objects used in the project? If yes, how many?

          If possible, can you share the SWF file with me. It would be helpful for investigation.
          My email-id :

          • Perrin Stewart

            Thanks, I sent the SWF file to your email….

          • Anonymous

            Hi Perrin,
            I tried converting the SWF file sent by you. It seems that the swf file contains few widgets and animations, which cannot be converted with the current build. Can you please remove them and try the conversion again? Hope it works!!

  • Abonnett

    Could not get it to run the exe on one computer and on my laptop it runs but will not load the swf. 🙁

  • James Martin

    Excellent! Glad to see this is out the door.

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  • Twnad

    It has been loading the swf for a long time and nothing is happening.

    Background: Before I loaded the .swf into the coverter, I tried to follow the directions and “place the DumpVideo.exe file in the Cativate 5.5 Installation directory.” But there was no “Installation” directory…there was an “Installer” directory so that’s where I put it. Maybe that is not the right place for it? If so, please let me know where it should go.

    • Jlcharre

      Just place in C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 5.5

  • as

    The link you provided is only for windows? Where can I download the converter for Mac?

    • We’ve only posted the Windows version on labs. The converter for Mac is on the roadmap (we haven’t announced a date for when this will be available).

      • Graphaks

        This has to be made available for the Mac. What’s the status now?

  • Marc Schnau

    Thanks a lot. It’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    When will the mac version be available? I have 5.5 for Mac, but not on Windows, so this doesn’t do much for me.

  • Sibapadhi

    working fine for me, need to see it in my ipad

  • What is Error #3013 and how can I remedy the error?

  • What is Error #3013 and how can I remedy the error?

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  • The examples give me an error on the page and do not play.

  • The demo simulation and the one with audio error out and do not play for me. I am on windows 7 – ie 8.

    • Cheryl, you will be able to view them correctly on Chrome.

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  • victoria

    So…I created a basic demo in captivate…no audio…no roll over slidelets. Very bare bones. I converted the published swf file successfully to ipad html format. I then tried to take the html file and publish it through Adobe Connect so that I can test the “link” and content on my ipad. Nothing happend when I cliked on the link…I get a blank page with a small question mark in it.


  • Granty

    error 1069 any ideas?

    • tcsned

      If you’re trying to convert an assessment then this build doesn’t have that functionality – Adobe says it will be in an upcoming version.

      • argh

        argh. the release notes say it’s supported but not optimized. just had the same error, trying to convert true/false quiz

  • sarah

    the converter worked the other day. I was able to see the files on the iPad. Now, after changing my project cache location, the converter works but doesn’t convert properly. anyone experience this?

  • IMS

    This is excellent! when I say excellent, I mean horrible. The only file I could get to work was a single slide with an image and text. Any file with more than this and it crashes and throws an error.

  • IMS

    Well, I was finally able to load a 14 page captivate presentation into the converter without any issues. It said the conversion was successful. When I view this file on the iPad, it is only one page. there is another page counter besides the one I created. it says “0 of 0”. will this currently only show one slide? I have read that you tested 60? There also is no navigation bar. I guess it is time to strip more stuff out.

    • Chinmay Baid

      Can you please share your project (.cptx and .swf)?
      My email-id is

      • IMS

        Any progress on the files I sent you?

        • Hi,
          I think I missed your email. Can you please send it across again?

          • IMS

            I can send it again, but it looks like the update to the publisher has solved my issues. I was able to view all of the slides in chrome. I will be testing the output on the ipad and the new quiz functionality soon. I will keep you updated on the progress. Thanks for looking into this I appreciate it.

  • IMS

    I still get one page with 0 of 0, and no navigation bar on the ipad.

  • Sourcenfo

    Hello . I think i have a better alternative !! Best Video, Audio and Photo Converter Ever FREE, from phone formats to dvd blue ray FullHD converts completely free is the best…i never see a better converter for media it and you will see !

  • IMS

    I created a simple file consisting of five slides. The slides have a text box with the slide number in them, no backgrounds, no audio, no animation, nothing. just simple text bubbles. publishes fine, converts fine. When viewing on the Ipad, I see one page only with no navigation and 0 of 0. Same thing happens when viewing on my computer in Chrome. Has anybody gotten this to work?

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  • Ray Handley

    It converted my nice new rotated captions and objects back to horizontal layouts. I guess it cannot handle rotation, although this is possible with CSS3.

    • Rotated text is not supported in this version. We are working on it 🙂

  • Beth Hardin

    We are in the midst of a big push to convert our elearning to mobile. We have hundreds of quiz questions in Captivate that we’ll need to convert. I couldn’t get the converter to work for a question and reading here it looks like that’s not implemented yet? Any idea when it will be?

  • Dlmckay

    Audio icon is turned off by default on the “iPad with audio” demo in Chrome 5.0.375.125.

    • Yes, you have to turn on the audio to hear it. You can find the button in bottom left corner.

  • Steelersfansjersey

    Nice blog. I get plenty of visits to my blog, but even begging on facebook has gotten me no useful comments. I like the “curse often” recommendation, but I’m trying to be family-friendly myself. Maybe the comment cluster idea…

  • RB

    I can´t see all slide images. I check and all these images are in the folders Slide0_mc/Slide106_mc. I just hear the sound although the audio button was off. I need to edit something or publish on the web right to see or I can open locally? If works eill be a great tool. Thanks

    • Which browser are you using to view the output? Use Chrome or Safari for best output.

      • RB

        Thanks for the answer. I only use Chrome.

        • Can you please share the project (.cptx) and the Captivate published output (.swf) file? It would be helpful for further investigation.
          My email-id :

          • RB

            Did some more tests and it worked fine. I think before I was using version 4 of Captivate. A question: how to get along with the audio presentation without having to click the button?

          • Open the HTML file and search for init() and loadAudio() functions. Call the loadAudio() function inside the init() function. It should work on Desktop.

          • RB

            Thanks, Chinmay. I tried but not work. Please, can you show me how?

          • An update to the earlier comment – you should put loadAudio() call inside the beginMovie() function (present in the HTML file). After the change, your beginMovie() function should look like :

            function beginMovie()

            Try it out and let me know if it works.

          • RB

            The same happens when I called the function by the init (): The audio button appears “on”, but after I click in the “play” button, it does not switch to “pause” and the presentation does not start

          • I think we are talking about two different things. I thought that “How to autoplay audio?” – is what you were asking for. Is this the issue?
            Presentation remaining paused might be because of some other issue. It has nothing to do with audio. I may need to have a look at your files. Can you share your .swf file with me? It would be helpful for investigation.

          • RB

            Hi Chinmay. Sorry if I not explained properly. After adding the line of code, the audio button is shown “on”. When I clicked the “play” button that appears in the center of the screen to start the presentation, it does not start, the screen goes blank, showing only a progress bar and the three buttons (“forward”, “backward” and “play” instead of “pause”)

          • Can you please send your SWF file to

  • Odd question… but does this work for all SWFs? In theory it should yes?

    • Vez

      I talked to an Adobe rep at a conference recently and asked the same question. This converter only works for Captivate SWFs since it was built to for Captivate templates. So sadly, it doesn’t work with other SWFs.

  • RB

    What is the difference between desktop and apple iphone? after converted for this two options I didn´t saw any difference between them.

  • RB

    How can I do to preload the audio and images before show the animation? the conversion was very heavy

  • Alexc

    Looking at this with iPad.
    Appears each slide is a video.
    Serious usability issues, audio plays but no image or still image

  • Pjhay

    This is just what i have been looking for.. Please hurry up and port to Mac

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  • sarah

    I have a 60 slide course with audio on all 60 slides. After using the HTML5 converter it loads a small portion of the audio during playback on the iPad. Are there best practices to follow for converting audio? We have to have the audio work with this course. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  • Bob

    I noticed the drop down box to select the platform (i-Pad, i-Phone, etc.). Does this mean the content will need to be converted umpteen different times for umpteen different platforms?

  • Ukn

    Great job! but make it for mac platform, please!!!!

  • In fact i was waiting for this..Thanks a lot for sharing..

  • Gordon Harding

    Does it work with Captivate 5.0?

  • Paul Evanson

    Very exciting! When will the Mac version be released?

  • Andy Tish

    Any sign of the MAC version yet???

  • RB

    I wonder if it will have a final version with the ability to preload and if this system is only available in captivate 6 or earlier. Thanks

  • Trainingfront

    I have captivate 5.5 on my mac, and I installed html 5 converter on my PC then I got error 2004, does html 5 converter have to installed with captivate 5.5 together?

  • Pjhayes144

    After I do the install, it says to copy DumpVideo.exe to the “Assets” folder. I cannot find the “Assets” folder.

    • those instructions need to be updated. i think it is now called dumpUtils.exe and it gets copied over to the root of the captivate 5.5 folder

      look at the txt file that is in the converter folder, it has the path . . .

  • John

    This is great

  • John

    This is a great tool. I have access to 5.5 Captivate but currently we use Captivate 4.0. Can this converter also work with Captivate 4.0 as well?

  • Michael

    So, why do you present the demonstration video above in Flash format instead of HTML5?

    • IMS

      Because you wouldn’t be able to view it in Internet Explorer.

      • Arnaud

        Well, I’m not able to view it on my iphone …

        • IMS

          You won’t be able to view flash player on an iPhone. This is why Adobe is trying to create this converter. So that Apple users can view content created by captivate in HTML5. If you want to see examples you need to click on the iPad links. but they don’t really work on the iPhone. I believe this thing is still in it’s “testing” phase. Their is a list of what it can and can’t do in the links above.

  • i tried doing 3 quiz questions – mc, tf, and hotspot. converted to HTML5 and they work great in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari but fail in IE8 & 9

    i get the start button and then a blank screen in IE

    i see a few markup errors when validated via w3c but nothing that should make it like it does. i have tried compatibility mode, but no luck

    any advice would be well appreciated

    • Gordon Harding

      I attended the virtual HTML 5 converter course earlier this week and that is the state of the art. IE 8 and 9 are not expected to work.

    • IMS

      I can’t remember the name to save my life, it’s a script language that is used to render the html5, It is only supported in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. NOT IE. Most HTML 5 sites that I have reviewed do not work in IE, although IE9 says it supports it. I believe it all has to do with that script

      • IMS

        It’s webkit, which is supported in Safari and Chrome, and I believe Firefox, but not IE, that is why some HTML5 sites will not render in IE8 or IE9.

        I believe the converter uses webkit and JSON to code their pages

  • guest

    Try buying web browser Photon for both your phone and ipad. Works great for viewing flash on the ipad. I love it!

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  • Asdas


  • Admin


  • Nan

    I just converted my first Captivate 5.5 SWF to iPad. It works with limitations, of course. I read the release notes. I am wondering when I will be able to use the NEW Captivate “internal server” reporting feature to the iPad? I also tried an EMail button to output the quiz scores, but that is not yet supported either…. do i just have to wait in order to output quiz scores to something other than an LMS? THanks for any help on this.

  • Kim

    I keep getting an error when my Captivate 5.5 swf file created on a MAC is converted with my HTML5 installed on my PC. Does my .swf file need to be created with a PC version of Captivate? or is my best bet to wait for the HTML5 converter for MAC to come alive?

    • Andytish

      Kim, I’m getting the same error message and I think I have read somewhere that it is a Mac v PC problem, seems ironic that you can’t convert a Mac produced file for use on another Mac! I understand the Mac convert is due out in May

  • Jzeimet

    Is there going to be a version for Mac?

    • Ian Skuse

      You’re probably better off just learning HTML 5. I’m starting to loose my respect for Adobe. They don’t seem to make the quality products that they used to. I bought Captivate 5.5 and man is it riddled with bugs. Their response, it will probably be fixed in version 6. Well my client won’t wait that long.

      • Hi Ian, Sorry to note that you are facing issues with Cp5.5. Please provide more details on the specific issues you are facing, and we’ll do our best to address the same. You could also seek help on our forum or write to me: shameer at adobe dot com

        • Ian Skuse

          Thanks for your response, we have a ticket in with Adobe already.

          Just to give you a few, the bookmarking doesn’t seem to work properly in some LMSs. Once you complete a SCO and go back in, you can’t easily navigate what you have already completed. (This was noted as a bug by Adobe)

          The setting for the “print” export feature does not work (At least not for anybody in my office). The documents that are exported are far from being able to be used. they require a lot of editing. If you have variables in your file, the variable name shows up in the document, NOT the value of the variable.

          The XML import/export doesn’t seem to function properly. We had to change the incorrect feedback for about 200 slides so we decided to try the XML export. We did a find and replace and imported the XML back in, the feedback was changed as expected, but other text box formatting was effected. So we could not use it.

          For the re-sizing of screens, your buttons get distorted. So you have to re-size before you add buttons.

          The whole concept of this product is excellent, I like the direction it is going in, but I think it needs a little more more work in the QA department. When 5 came out, I heard there were a lot of errors, 5.5 was released, but you had to pay for the upgrade. I don’t mind paying for “extras” or new features/tools, but paying for “bug” fixes I think is a little steep.

          • Vish

            Hello Ian,

            Sorry to note that you are having issues.

            1. Which LMS are you using? Are you trying to revisit the slides once you have finished the module?

            2. When we export the word document, the variable values cannot be exported because the variables get the values only in runtime. BTW, what variables are you using? Is it system or user-defined?

            3. I’ll check the XML issue and let you know.

            4. Are these buttons image buttons? If so, it will get distorted because the size of the image gets modified. It is always a good idea to make the buttons for the final size.

            Please write to me at and we will speak further on some of these issues.


      • Angelas

        Agreed. I’m fed up with their strategy of making us buy 10 tools when 1 should do the job.

        • Angela, not sure which strategy you are referring to. The beta version of the HTML5 converter is available for free download, and in future will be built right into the product.

          • Angelas

            So . . . where’s the Mac version?

  • Angelas

    Why isn’t there a Mac version yet? It’s stupid to have a converter for HTML5, needed for the iPad, and yet you can’t use the damn tool on the Mac.

    • Angela, we released the beta version for windows a few months ago. We are building the HTML5 publish option into the next version of the product. The Mac version id available for beta testing. Please drop me a mail if you would like to participate in the beta- shameer at adobe dot com

      • Jeff Bean

        Hi Shameer

        Just a little confused on what is possible here… I have a client who wants the interactive captivate product workable on pc and apple desktops in one format only. Will HTML converter do this now?


  • firefly

    Is this the same converter in CS6 captivate?

  • Deb

    will it work in capitvate 4?

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