September 7, 2011

HTML5 for iPad – Early Preview Now Available!

Thanks everyone for your response to the HTML5 – Coming Soon announcement on Facebook page and Twitter.

Soon is sooner now – You can now have an “Early Preview” of our HTML5 output for the iPad.

All you need to do is:

1. Get onto our Facebook page
2. Leave a comment on our Wall. Tell us why HTML5 interests you. We will get back to you with next steps.

Let the conversations begin!

Posted by Akshay Bharadwaj12:20 AM
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  • Webbo68UK

    What if you don’t like or use stupid Facebook? I had enough of being sent silly farmville animals and virtual gifts..I’m 43!! It’s for kids…so why do you restrict this to having to ‘like’ you on Facebook?

    • Tim

      Got to say i dont have a facebook presence either..

    • Tim

      Got to say i dont have a facebook presence either..

    • Hi, we will be using facebook for channeling all discussions related to this new feature. Hence for people interested in accessing the early version, it will be good if you have a facebook account and can participate in the conversation threads. The others will obtain access when we release it to the general public.

      • Sorry, but I agree with Webbo68UK, Tim and Magda. What is the sense of this blog when you want to force people to use facebook? I visit this blog every day and do not want to visit a stupid thing like facebook, too.
        At the moment I’m really disappointed about what’s going on: discounts only for North Americans, features only for facebookers.

        • Christian – Please send me an email at abharadw AT adobe dot com, will get back to you with next steps

      • Dexaime

        I’m on Facebook and posted on your wall and I’m STILL not “accessing” anything but silence… What’s going on? Is this some kind of joke?

      • Marc Schnau

        Hi, imho the really valuable discussion take place at other (better?) platforms. Like G+ with its strong filtering abilities, twitter and topic related blogs. Why not at the really good official Adobe forums and blogs? Hard to understand… 🙂

      • Eric

        Why not use Google +? Using Google + and Facebook would meet a larger audience. Also, with Google + you could even do a hangout with other experts and then the viewers can engage the conversation through chat.

    • Webbo68UK – Please send me a note at abharadw AT adobe dot com

    • Webbo68UK – Please send me a note at abharadw AT adobe dot com

  • Magda

    Same here. I don’t use FaceBook but I use HTML5.

  • Chris

    Because HTML5 seems to be the future

  • I’ve an avid user of HTML5 and Captivate so this aligns perfectly with my organisations vision.

    I do not have a Facebook account, and I’m not understanding the short-sightedness here by requiring a Facebook account just to access this exciting preview 🙁

    • Magda

      “Short-sighted” is good description. It seems like many of us who don’t use FaceBook would be great reviewers. Considering all of FaceBook’s privacy issues, I am surprised Adobe is taking this approach.

      • Dexaime

        Don’t worry. Dont fall for this. This is a scam. There is no “pre release” or any special info on Facebook. I did everything they requested and have not heard from anyone at Adobe. Seems there are others on Facebook who have done the same with no results or contact from Adobe… I surprised to see Adobe operating like this. The term “bait and switch” comes to mind…

        • Dexaime – Did you get a chance to play with the “early preview”? If not, send me an email at abharadw AT adobe dot com

        • Dexaime – Did you get a chance to play with the “early preview”? If not, send me an email at abharadw AT adobe dot com

      • Magda – Could you send me an email at abharadw AT adobe dot com? I will get back with next steps

    • Steve – Thanks for your interest, could you send me an email at abharadw AT adobe dot com, I will get back to you with next steps

  • Where exactly is the ‘Early Preview’? Am I missing something?

    • Akshay

      Bill – You will get a chance to see what HTML5 output looks like from Adobe Captivate, play with it, give us feedback and help us refine the tool

  • Malu Schloss

    Hi – I’m a long term user of Captivate, other Adobe products; and content.
    looking to HTML5 as a solution for IOs devices and phones. Let me know. Thanks!

    • Akshay Bharadwaj

      Malu – Hope you have been doing well.

      Please send me a note at abharadw AT adobe dot com, I will get back with next steps

  • I would also be a good idea to share this on G+ where some folks are building elearning centric circles. 😉

  • I have used RapidIntake’s m-Learning Studio for publishing to HTML5. I would love to see an HTML5 converter for Captivate!

    • Akshay

      Bill – In case you have not received our invite yet, please write to me at abharadw AT adobe dot com

  • Dexaime

    I followed the fb instructions and no one “got back to me…” nice work guys…

  • Private

    I work for the U.S. government, and as such (due to my clearance level) I cannot have a membership to ANY social website. This is true of thousands of government and military workers. You should not exclude us from commenting!


    • Akshay

      Please send me a note at abharadw AT adobe dot com, I will get back with next steps to make this work for you

  • Still waiting for the “next steps”

    • Abharadw

      Ed – Can you write to me at abharadw AT adobe dot com ? Looks like I have not received your email.

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  • I made the following comment on the Facebook page but haven’t heard back. Is there anything else I need to do?

    “Our clients want mobile solutions and right now we’re literally screen recording our Captivate presentations to post as videos on mobile devices. Bring on the HTML5 output for the iPad!”

    • Akshay

      Robin – Have gotten you onto our invite list, an email with next steps should reach you in a day.

  • Annoyed

    Not too sure why Adobe wastes time with this stuff when there are so many bugs in Captivate that need fixing first. Perhaps not corrupting my audio in each project I do (putting gaps in where the slide changes), or mysteriously shifting the slide changes every now and then.

  • I will Leave a comment on your facebook

  • Russ

    OK, this is ridiculous. All I want to know is…Does Captivate create an HTML5 version for the iPad? I am creating courses for our flash-based LMS and want to also upload (optional) iPad versions of the class.
    Sure, I COULD go on Facebook, but my ex-wife met the guy she dumped me for on that site, and I swore never to use it again!
    Can I just get an answer please?

  • Mark Brown

    PLEASE do not force us to use Facebook!!

  • Taloncsii

    Unfortunately no Facebook either, but I’d love to take a look.

  • Only available for Windows users. I’ve just installed 5.5 on my Mac. Would love to work with it but clearly a no go issue for Mac users.

    • Hi Gary, Mac support is on the roadmap, and will be out on labs shortly.

  • Love Captivate and Adobe presenter but I need HTML5 support for my apple devices

  • Aimee Swartz

    Creating good eLearning means creating communities without having to reinvent the wheel every time. I respect Adobe’s decision to use Facebook. Let’s face it – most people have it. It is a tool that we can also make use of as learning developers. Facebook can be (and is) useful for a lot more than farmville and certainly not just for kids. My 80 year old mother in law is an active participant. I understand some people have purist views and balk at social networking but I think you do so at the risk of missing an opportunity to enrich your learning offering.

  • If I had the opportunity to use Captivate on with HTML5 support, it would allow me to access students through more device options without extra steps to convert the exported files.

  • HTML5 supports improved accessibility, a standard 2D canvas, and an opportunity to integrate video and WebML for increased interactivity. Looking forward to using it more in eLearning.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing the evolution for iOS… just got an ipad to test apps for a customer, and am failing miserably with all of the efforts via Flash…

  • pete

    mmm … use a company that sells the service of selling my information so I can do something that is wholly work-related.
    somewhere, somehow your paradigms got all screwed up.
    yes, i want to use this product on iPad. no, i will not to use a third-party program to register my interest.

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  • Mysql6php

    I do not have a facebook account, can you do with a google+ one?

  • will be one heck of a shift if you guys can pull this off this quickly…assuming you’re not talking about simply changing the wrapper html that loads in the swf files : )


  • Bluedragon34

    wow this is great news, i have ipad 2 and i’m going to make html 5 soon. program indir

  • Gmorgan

    I would like to view thing on my iPad that require flash player

  • whourkiddin’

    Why Adobe is doing this? I don’t even have facebook! Can’t have one because of clearance. Please post the updated news on Adobe Forums instead!!!!!!

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