November 16, 2011

Adobe Captivate 5.5 ACE Exam is Now Available!

Become an ACE in Adobe Captivate 5.5 by taking the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Captivate 5.5. The exam comprises of 88 questions and you will need a minimum of 70% to pass the exam. Here’s some information about the exam:

Get started: Here’s the link to review the ACE certification checklist, topic areas, objectives, and practice questions for Captivate 5.5 ACE exam.

Training: Need some help for preparing for the exam? Here’s the link to access the recorded and online training sessions on Adobe Captivate.

Registration: Follow this link to register for the exam and take your first step to become an ACE in Adobe Captivate!

Need more information? Leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you…

Good luck!

Posted by poojajaisingh1:13 PM
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  • M Beumer

    is there a german version comming?

    • The ACE certification is not being localized into German currently.

  • Tim

    I can’t find pricing anywhere. Anyone have a ballpark price for the exam?

    • lisa

      When I put my info in to sign up, it came up with $180.

    • Hi Tim,

      ACE for Captivate 5.5 is priced at $180.

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  • Dorte

    Is it possible to take the exam again if you fail? – and if it is, how many attempts do you get for the 180 $?

    • Yes, it is possible to take the exam multiple times. You will just get one attempt for $180.

      • Dorte

        Thanks, Pooja

        As a newbee in Captivate I have been watching you and Vish’s recordings of the online sessions…. And rewieving the checklist for the exam, it seems that when finishing all the training sessions and with “a little bit” more training, I might possible pass.

        You’r doing a really great job… Thanks 🙂

  • Will there be an on-line version if you are already certified for 5? I understand other Adobe products work that way.

    • Hi Rick,

      Recertification exam for Captivate 5.5 is not available. You will have to take the exam at one of the examination centers.

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  • Dquees

    For Captivate training, how do we access module 4 and 5?

  • Cwearl 9

    The training that I am recieving is using Captivate and I can not hear any audio. Is there a patch? I’m using Windows 7 and have Flash Player 11.


  • If I become Captivate 5.5 ACE certified, do I need to get recertified for each new release of Captivate, e.g. 6, 6.5, 7, etc?And I have to do that within three months since the new version comes out?

    • One more question: how many questions do I have to answer correctly to pass the exam?

    • That’s right! You have to recertify yourself with each new version.

      • Thanks. So if I get certified with 5.5 and then skip 6, and want to become certified with version 6.5, I have to pay $180 instead of $50?

        • SubhashS

          That’s right. You missed your handsome amount and still finds yourself in dark.. Technologies changes in days span nowadays and the biggest question is ‘Are there any takers for this’.. sadly that too depends on Company’s marketing strategies.. whether to promote or demotivate one particular product 🙁

  • Unlimited

    Is there a demo for the exam

  • Darrin Quesenberry

    I am preparing for the certification and I went to the link to access the recorded online training sessions, but they are for captivate 6? Why are there videos for 6, but the certification is for 5.5?

  • Elaine Pearl

    When will the ACE for Captivate version 6 be available? I hope soon. I don’t want to take the current exam for 5.5 only to find out that in the next month or two, I have to retake the version 6 exam.

  • Amit Ochani

    Hello Mam, I am certified in Captivate 4. Do i have to get certified again in 5 ($180) or wait for recertification exam in Captivate 5 ($60) ? Please Help. And also i want to know if there are any discount coupons for students ? I belong to New Delhi, India

  • Els Vandenberghe

    Is there a date set for the availability of the ACE Exam Captivate 6?

  • Kristen Hines

    They didn’t release new tests for version 6 or 7?

  • Melissa Stroup

    Will Adobe be offering later versions of Captivate exams? And, if not, is it still possible to take the 5.5 exam?

  • Ace

    WHAT ABOUT CP9 ????

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