November 27, 2011

Capture the mistakes… that data might help!

I was reading this wonderful post from Dr. Pooja Jaisingh on how we could make the learning more engaging and interesting by allowing learners to make mistakes. With this thought, I was going through a customer request on how to capture and calculate the incorrect clicks in a course. These thoughts made me think, what would I do by using this data?

Back in my school days, when my teacher said ‘Hey you made this mistake five times’, I didn’t feel happy about it because I didn’t like the way he kept that count. But what is thrilling to know is, I still remember those instances where I made many mistakes compared to the one where I didn’t… That was so effective because my teacher kept the count.

How can we really use this data? There are multiple applications. The most common one is to let the learner know how many such mistakes they made and branch out accordingly to various sections of the course. But one question that always takes priority is: Are we really making it engaging with this count or we are doing it just to complete one of the checklist items. When I say engaging, what are the mistakes we can keep track of in a course? It can be the wrong clicks outside the boundary, incorrect attempts in a quizzing scenario, wrong answers in a text entry box, deviation from the defined navigation etc.

I’ve taken one such example and demonstrated how to capture the count of wrong clicks and show it to the learner. Of course, there are multiple techniques to achieve this and multiple applications of using this data. Let me know what you think…


How to achieve this?

Posted by Vish9:12 PM
  • Becky Hadfield

    This is great instead of the number of times clicked out of the box displaying on the next screen I want this number to be reported with the results, is this possible.

  • Kira Greer

    I love this idea, and I’ve implemented it. However I’ve run into a slight hiccup. I need the failure captions for the “correct” Click box to appear as they are informative help. Currently if I do this layered option, the Failure captions don’t appear when I click outside of the “correct” click area.

    Is there a way with advanced actions to collect the same “click Action” values, AND have the failure captions show?
    Or …
    Should I just create a new advanced action following the quiz interaction value and the failure level? Help?

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