February 18, 2012

The HTML5 contest has closed- 5 more days to put in your votes!

The Captivate HTML5 contest has closed for entries. The viewing gallery is still open to give you an opportunity to cast your vote. Thank you for participating in this contest. The general interest can be gauged from the fact that many of the top entries have close to 10,000 views and 1,500 FB ‘Likes’ each. If you’re yet to view some of the entries, please do take some time to appreciate the efforts of the community in pioneering HTML5 eLearning 
While many of the entries might not be appreciated for the ID skills, I’m sure the contest helped the community realize the possibilities (and current limitations) of HTML5 eLearning authoring. We had 35 entries in this contest, three of which will receive the iPad. Two of these will be determined based on popular vote, while the third will be awarded by an expert panel – for the best content as judged by them.
In the next few days the team here will also point out the entries they’ve liked. Two entries stood out for me-

Mobile Phone User Guide- HTML 5 eLearning

Mobile Phone User Guide- HTML 5 eLearning

the ‘Mobile phone user guide’ by Michael Hinze,

EURO 2012 Orientation - HTML 5 eLearning

EURO 2012 Orientation - HTML 5 eLearning

and the ‘euro 2012 orientation’ by Michael Lund. Which ones did you like? Do share your thoughts on both- the specific entries, and on the contest as a whole. What went well, what could be improved? Do you have ideas for other eLearning contests we could run?

Posted by Shameer Ayyappan2:03 PM
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