April 9, 2012

Enabling Assessment Module after Course Completion

Last week, a Captivate user had posted a question on our Facebook page. She was working on a course which had a few modules and an assessment in the end. In this course, she wanted to create a customized menu page with all the modules and assessment listed and clicking them would take the learner to respective module/assessment. The requirement was to have the learners take the modules in any order before the final assessment becomes accessible.

So here’s an answer to your question, Christine 🙂

In this example, I have created a course with four modules and an assessment. The requirement is to allow the learner to attempt the assessment section only after they have completed taking all the modules. Try it out…

So the logic used here is to check whether all the modules are visited every time the learner lands on the Menu page and show the Assessment button only when all the course modules are complete. Let’s do this magical task by using Advanced Actions and Variables.

  1. First create the course with all the modules and assessment slides.
  2. On the Menu page, add buttons to access the modules.
  3. Add a greyed out image for the Assessment button to signify that there’s a button here, which is currently disabled.
  4. Now add the actual Assessment button in the Menu page, uncheck Visible and place it on top of the greyed out image.
  5. Assign On Success Action for each module and assessment to jump to respective starting screen for each module.
  6. Click Project > Variables and add M1, M2, M3, and M4 variables. We will use these variables to store the module completion values for each module.
  7. Click Project > Advanced Actions.
  8. We need to write a set of standard actions for the Next buttons on the last screen of each module. This script will set the value of the respective variable to a defined value and jump to the Menu screen. In this example, we will set the value of the variables to 1.
  9. Here’s the script for the Next button on the last screen of Module 1:
  10. Script for the Next button on the last screen of Module 2:
  11. Script for the Next button on the last screen of Module 3:
  12. Script for the Next button on the last screen of Module 4:
  13. Create a new conditional action, where you can check the values of the variables and set a condition to display the Assessment button once all the Modules are visited and values of all the variables have changed to 1.
  14. Set the On Enter action for Menu screen to Execute the CheckModuleCompletion advanced action.
  15. Go to the last slide of Module 1 and set the On Success action for Next button to EndofModule1 advanced action.
  16. Go to the last slide of Module 2 and set the On Success action for Next button to EndofModule2 advanced action.
  17. Go to the last slide of Module 3 and set the On Success action for Next button to EndofModule3 advanced action.
  18. Go to the last slide of Module 4 and set the On Success action for Next button to EndofModule4 advanced action.
  19. Your course is ready!


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Posted by poojajaisingh2:05 PM
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  • Dfs

    good post! may I download the template?

  • Whoo Hoo! It worked like a champ! I needed a very similar navigation in the module I’m currently writing. You’re awesome, Dr. P! 🙂

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  • GetInstructed

    This is great instruction! Thank you for sharing!

  • Christine

    Awesome thank you very much!

  • BrianBarnes48017

    If I wanted to take this one step farther and put a Checkmark over top of Module 1 when you came back to Module 1, is that possible? I know it has to be. I created an image of the check, called it check_1 and placed it over module 1 and unchecked visible. On the advanced action for endofmodule1 i added show check_1 as a third line. I am new to captivate and I am using 5.5 so as far as logic goes it sounds good to me but in reality it is not working. Please help.

    • Hi Brian,

      Please share the project with me at pjaising at adobe dot com and I’ll help you debug it.


    • Heather

      Hi Brian, I’ve got the same issue. One conditional action at a time working. But when I put them both together, the second result does not work. I can make it work if I do the check marks as the conditional action for the menu item click…and then put another click box somewhere on the screen that triggers the assessment button…but I don’t really want them to have to click again for the button to be enabled.

      ~ H.

      • Barnesb

        I ended up getting it working by adding additional individual if then statements in the checkmodulecompletion advanced actions that says if the task is = 1 then show the check else hide the check. Once I figured that it, it works like a charm.

        • Barnesb

          Sorry, I am BrianBarnes48017

  • Saiful Murad

    Good information indeed. I have recently recommended our Company to purchase Adobe Captivate and we did. Currently, going through the training pages. Is it possible to download the template here? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Saiful,

      Please write to me at pjaising at adobe dot com and I’ll share the template with you.


  • Lahar

    Hi Pooja,
    I have TOC in my project where client wants to enable navigation between different modules. Can we enable the assessment after completion of modules using TOC? Please suggest.

    • Hi Lahar,

      In Captivate 6, if you select the ‘Navigate visited slides only’ option, the learners will not be allowed to navigate to the quiz slides until they take the course in linear fashion. Watch this video to know more about configuring TOC in Captivate 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ToObyimPZQ&feature=youtu.be

      • Lahar

        With ‘Navigate visited slides only’ option, I will not able to navigate to a different module before completing the previous module. However, I need to navigate within different modules as per my wish and want the Assessment to be activated only when I visit all the modules. Please advise.


  • Cristina

    Brilliant! 🙂

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