June 11, 2012

Adobe Captivate 6: Sneak Peek 4: Interactions & Actors

It’s super cool to share, so I thought I’d share another … SNEAK! Adobe Captivate 6 is going to be phenomenal. Here’s another reason why. From deep inside the labs I’ve sorted out the details of one of the incredible new features coming in Adobe Captivate 6, and it’s totally sensational. You’re going to love using the new Actors & Interactions. Check out the video to learn more. Enjoy! 🙂

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I’ll be announcing the winner on the 25th of July during my Captivate training session.

Posted by Allen Partridge5:27 PM
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  • I’m so happy!!! AWESOME!

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  • Bonnie C. Davis

    Thanks for the update! I am using Adobe Captivate 4.0, and am REALLY ready to upgrade! Waiting for 6.0, hoping its SOON, as we have a LOT of elearning development due this year! 🙂 Looking forward to more information, highlights and tips!


  • Thanks for the update, glad to hear the new version is out soon! Cheers

  • Glad to know the new version is coming out soon, thank you for the great news

  • All the best and hopefully no bugs or glitches 🙂

  • Jaroslav Verlik

    I can not wait more for cs6 and els3. very nice cp 6 new features. please, when i can upgrade my cp5.5 and els2.5? time release????

  • Richard

    Great that you are releasing tantalising Captivate 6 sneak peaks but it would be really GREAT to know when you are going to release Captivate CS6. Are we days, weeks or months away? This all has a bearing on our workflows and so please would you put uf out of our misery…

  • Fafadese

    Still wait a sneek peek that will make me buy Captivate instead of Storyline.

  • The Interactions are really nice but is it possible to export them to HTML5?
    The Actors – well – not helpful for my needs. Where are education-people like students, teachers…?

    • Glad you liked the #AdobeCaptivate 6 interactions! Yes, these can be published to HTML5, and tracked on any SCORM or AICC LMS. On actors- you might want to re-evaluate once you see the entire list in the product.

      • Thanks for this information, Shameer. Good to hear that the interactions can be published to HTML5. Also good to hear that there will be more Actors in the final.

  • De Anna Fench

    Awesome! These features have been on my Captivate wish list. Very happy!

    What other character categories do we have to choose from? Also, will we be able to save/export/import advanced action scripts? Will CP6 be available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud? Thanks!

  • Jkbrown75

    Great stuff looking forward to 6. What did you use to create this video? Was it all captivate? The web cam slide in is really neat and the smooth panning I have not been able to create in CS5.5

  • love the characters/actors. Will you be able to add your own character image files to customize?

  • Edferrigan

    Does the output to HTML 5 work on the Mac version?

  • Christophe Breemersch

    Just downloaded the trial, but the characters cannot be inserted. Is it because it’s a trial?
    Also inserted the circle interaction, but it’s not clear to me how I can remove segments.
    Captivate 6 doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as Storyline for example…

    • Hi, all the characters and interactions are available for use with the trial. you need to download and install the separate assets installer. The link will be live in a couple of hours.

  • Christophe Breemersch

    Also, the matching question and roll-over image cannot be exported to HTML5, I just noticed…

  • Paul Wakelam

    Cool post ! Are the smart learning interactions really prebuilt widgets ? Can we write our own ?

  • Ben Meite

    I will go with the same question asked by Christophe Breemersch. How do you remove/delete a tab in the different interactions. I see the (+) sign to add a tab…but nothing about removing one. Am I missing something?!

    • Ben Meite

      If anyone faces the same issue, here is the answer: Double click on the tab you want to delete and there will be a (-) sign that will pop either on the right or left of that tab. Press that sign and it will remove the tab.

      • Kim

        That’s a great tip! What about the limit on adding more tabs. The ‘+’ sign disappears after a few additions (and the amount seems to depend on the type of interaction), but I need to add at least one more to the timeline and it stops at 8 for me (I could swear that the image of the timeline shows 10 buttons when you are in the “select interaction” screen). Since the interaction can also be resized, I’m not sure why the limitation…does anyone know how to keep adding? Thanks!

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