June 19, 2012

Course Companion for Adobe Captivate 6

“Course Companion for Adobe Captivate 6(A3C)” – a solution which can help you track how learners have been interacting with your Adobe Captivate courses. It gives you insight on aspects such as:

  • how much time learners are spending on slide
  • which interactive items they are interacting with
  • how much time they are away from slide, on which slide they are dropping out of the course
  • how many times they are visiting a slide
  • how they have been performing on the quiz.

Based on these analyses, you can know about how learners are reacting to your course. If this is not how you expected your courses to perform, you can make changes to the courses and re circulate them.

After publishing a new version of the course, you can also compare two versions based on many parameters to analyze how the new version has been received as compared to the older version.

Course Companion for Adobe Captivate (A3C) has been on adobe labs for while. With the release of Adobe Captivate 6, this has also evolved quite a bit and you can use it with the current version of Adobe Captivate.

The important enhancements are support for tracking HTML 5 content, support for new question type pretest, and performance improvements.

The following steps describe how to make your Adobe Captivate course ‘trackable’ by A3C.

  • Open the course you want to track. Select Window -> Widget. Select A3c.wdgt from the widget panel.
  • The A3C widget dialog will appear. Enter your Adobe ID and Password.
  • Enter details like Module name and version which are mandatory. Select Register.
  • On seeing the success message – Say OK to the dialog.
  • In the property inspector – timing – Select “rest of project” in “Display for” combo box.
  • The course is ready to be tracked.

Distribute the published version of course to learners.

To view the usage reports and analyze how your course is faring

  • Open www.adobe.com/go/cp_dashboard
  • Login using your Adobe ID and password.
  • See the reports which are grouped in various tabs like detailed, quiz, interactions etc.

See Adobe Captivate simulation below to learn how you can use it inside .cp projects.

 Please leave a comment to let us know how you used it.

Posted by Rajeev Kumar1:36 PM
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  • Ryan Hoskinson

    Is this a free service?

    • Rajkumar

      yes this is free service

  • Bob_cunningham

    I am curious to know why the need to re-register every three months?

    • We have observed during our Adobe Labs release that this service is used by our customers to get feedback about their courses. By looking at the usage pattern we have concluded that three months is long enough period for this purpose. However if many of you feel three months is not long enough, then please let us know. We could consider making the duration longer.

      Adobe Captivate Team

  • Rbrimson

    does this work through a firewall?

    • It does.

      Adobe Captivate Team

  • Rbrimson

    I still cant get it to work…..is there step by step instructions somewhere? It will register my effort, but when I give the quiz to anybody else nothing happens…..

    • rajeev kumar

      please see the swf attached with this blog post for step by step instructions. Also check if you are setting the timing of widget to rest of the project and it is on first slide. If it does not work then we can troubleshoot the problem together.

      • Andrew O’Shea

        Im having the same issue. I am using captivate 6.0 and I have watched the swf and followed the instructions but the dash board still shows no results when someone takes the course. can you please help me?

  • Rbrimson

    do all the learners have to have an adobe ID and be logged in at the time, with the firewall disablled and the virus checker turned off etc?

    • rajeev kumar

      learners don’t need adobe id and it works with firewall also

  • As the saying goes,it is never too old to learn

  • Mike

    I keep getting ‘ver undefined’ next to the name of my project in the dashboard, even though I’ve named the version ‘v1’ or ‘1’ when I initially insert the widget into my first slide. After I publish, I put the files (swf/html/js0 on a web server behind a firewall and take the lesson (which includes a quiz). I see the lesson in the cc dashboard but there is no data. What am I doing wrong? I’m using Cp 5.5.

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  • Andrew O’Shea

    Im having the same issue as mike. I am using captivate 6.0 and I have watched the swf on how to use Ac3 and followed the instructions but the dash board still shows no results when someone takes the course i created. It also shows “ver undefined”. Can you please help me?

  • Chris

    I’m experiencing the same issue with Cap 6.0 and no data being reported to Adobe dashboard. Any updates?

  • Sam

    I just upgraded to Captivate 7, is Course Companion compatible with it?

  • Brad Hansen

    None of our data in Adobe Captivate Course Companion is displaying any longer. When I hit the update button, nothing happens. Course Companion has been down for the last 2 days! When will it be fixed? We need access to our data immediately. Please help!

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Brad, please check if it’s working fine now.

  • LarkLark

    Is there a memory limit when using this product? I have around 100 Captivate projects that need to be posted and the list is growing. Some of the .swf files are 6-8 mgs. Thanks!

  • Kyle Staples

    Does a registered project need to be republished after re-registering it after 3 months?

  • I registered a course and received data for about 3 months. Do I need to re-register the course, or is there a way to continue using the Couse Companion after the 3 month period? Is this a product that can be purchased?

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