March 1, 2013

Training: Drag till you Drop! Making eLearning fun with Drag and Drop Interaction – Part 2

Topic: Drag till you Drop! Making eLearning fun with Drag and Drop Interaction – Part 2

Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh and Vish, Adobe eLearning Evangelists, as they take your through a journey of making your courses interactive in a fun way. They will share different variations of using drag and drop interactions for different types of scenarios. So, sit back and watch as they share different examples of adding Drag and Drop interaction to your eLearning courses.

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Posted by poojajaisingh6:43 PM
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  • Daniel

    Hi Dr Pooja,

    I have be working with Captivate 8 and I have found your videos very helpful. I am creating a drag and drop interaction for a quiz and I am trying to get it to report to the quiz results page. I am not able to get the results to show partial answers.

    Do you have any ideas how I can accomplish this?

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Daniel, partial scoring is not possible with drag and drop interactions in Captivate.

  • Lisa M. Matthews

    Hi Dr Pooja,

    I have been creating Drag and Drop exercises and
    publishing them to HTML5 for the last year with great success. However, I
    am suddenly having issues with projects playing in Safari. They play
    the title screen and then hang. I can play them locally but not once
    they are loaded onto the Server. Any suggestions?

    I am using Captivate 7.


    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Lisa,

      Try uploading your course to SCORM cloud and see if if works. If not, please share your project with us at

      • Lisa M. Matthews

        Hi Dr. Pooja,

        It seems to be an issue with the drag and drop sound effects not loading properly. If i look in the web console I get a warning that says …index.html:14 ‘webkitAudioContext’ is deprecated. Please use ‘AudioContext’ instead. Do you know if there is a fix for this? The only way I could get the project to play in Safari is delete all of my sound effects.

  • Lisa M. Matthews

    Hi Dr. Pooja,

    I was not able to upload the exercise into the SCORM cloud, and I have not heard back from the Captivate Help Team. What I have found is that two following files .js files are not being seen on the live server, so the file works locally but not on our server.

    I have contacted our server admin about it. Is this a Captivate issue?

  • Lisa M. Matthews

    Hi Dr. Pooja,

    I was hoping to work through this issue via the Captivate but I have not been able to get much response. The issue is with the audio not playing in Safari once the files are on the server. They play locally

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