April 25, 2013

Hurry! Last chance to upgrade to Adobe® Captivate® 6

Dear Adobe Captivate customer,

We want to make sure you’re aware of an important change to Adobe’s upgrade policy that may affect you. Only customers with licenses for Adobe Captivate 6 will qualify for upgrade pricing to Adobe Captivate 7. Due to this change, customers who own Adobe Captivate 4, 5 or 5.5 can get the special upgrade pricing only until the end of 31st May 2013.  With Adobe Captivate 6, you can create a wide variety of interactive eLearning content without programming and deliver to virtually any device.

See how Adobe Captivate 6 compares to previous versions.

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Adobe Captivate Team

Posted by gosinha4:41 PM
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  • Ryan

    Until Adobe decides to add Captivate to the Creative Cloud subscription service, I am done with it. I’ll probably start promoting other software with most of my clients.

    • http://twitter.com/chschett Sche

      @Ryan: I gave it up to believe that Captivate will be part of the Creative Cloud or at least Adobe will offer a fair-priced “eLearning Package” for Cloud Subscribers :-(

  • Sreekanth Chakravarthy

    Arm-twisting ppl to upgrade? Guess Adobe is losing it big time, especially with Captivate. But being a hardcore fan of Captivate, I feel sorry for it.

  • Paul

    If I upgraded to Captivate 6 right now, I would expect that I would get a very compelling price to upgrade to 7 in a few months time (like free).

  • Clint Elliott

    I purchased multiple copies of Captivate 6 for our online school, and since we are now considered substandard customers who actually bought the product and didn’t subscribe, we don’t get any new features along the way. We are now, as an educational institution that has a restricted budget, actively looking at other products that actually treat the people who buy the program the same as those who rent it.

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