October 28, 2013

How to Convert Microsoft PowerPoint to HTML5 (web pages)

In this article you will learn how to easily convert your PowerPoint slides into web enabled presentations using HTML5.

What you’ll need
You will need a Windows or Macintosh computer and a copy of Adobe Captivate. (You can download a free 30 day trial of Adobe Captivate here.)

Step 1
Create a PowerPoint slide deck in Microsoft PowerPoint and save it. Remember where you saved your PowerPoint slide deck.

Step 2
Open Adobe Captivate. If you are on a Mac, you’ll find your installed version of Captivate under Applications. If you are on a Windows computer, you’ll find it under the Start Menu.

Step 3
Choose File: New Project: Project From Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 4
A dialog box will open. Chose the PowerPoint slide deck.

Step 5
Adobe Captivate will open a dialog to let you preview the import. Click the Okay button to continue importing and converting your slide deck.

Step 6
Select File: Publish from the menus.

Step 7
In the publish dialog, select the SWF/HTML5 tab (top left). Then set the output format to HTML5 (you can turn off SWF.) Finally, click publish.

Your published HTML5 web page will now be available. But if you’ve never worked with HTML or HTML5 before it might not look the way you expected. Web pages are stored as individual elements (like graphics etc.) and a set of instructions in a text file that is usually called ‘index.html’

To put your new web slide show online you’ll want to copy the folder with your converted PowerPoint deck into your web server. By Default, Captivate publishes files into a folder called ‘My Adobe Captivate Projects’ in your Documents folder. Here’s a view of the PowerPoint that I just published, shown as a folder inside that directory.


As always, don’t hesitate to share your ideas, comments and questions in the discussion section below.

Posted by Allen Partridge11:46 PM
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  • Diliara

    It does convert it to HTML5, but all of the animations/transitions are lost. What can be the reason? I am using the trial Captivate 7 for now.

    • Diliara

      on MAC

      • Diliara

        Is it because there is no “High Fidelity” option? How do I enable it?

        • Nate Leavitt

          If you’re converting it to HTML5 for the purpose of viewing the presentation on an iOS device, this issue is that the PowerPoint conversion process turns your PowerPoint animations into Flash SWF objects. Since Flash won’t play on an iOS device, you will not see the animations.

      • Brian Tarr

        Hi, Diliara!
        Do you use any other platform besides Mac? There’s a great tool called iSpring which preserves all effects in pure HTML5, but it’s for Windows. Sorry if that doesn’t help the situation… (I do realize this is a pretty old post, so I hope you’ve found a solution by now!)

  • Daniel

    Is this discussion group still active? I’ve been trying to import Powerpoint 2011 Mac pptx into Captivate 7 but I get an error message? Is this a known issue and is there a fix? Anybody?

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