March 7, 2016

What’s new in Adobe Captivate 9.0.1

New-UpdateWe’ve just released a free update for Adobe Captivate 9 with some new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

To get the new update, open Adobe Captivate 9, and click Help > Updates and install the new update. Once the update is installed, your new Captivate version will be Here are the detailed installation instructions.

Now let’s talk about the new features and enhancements in Captivate 9.0.1:


Rulers and guides: You can now add rulers and guides to your Captivate projects to precisely add and position objects in your project.

Watch this video to learn about how to use rulers and guides in Captivate courses:


Retain state option: In Adobe Captivate 9, we introduced multi-state objects which helps you create interactions easily. With the new update, you can now choose to retain state on revisiting the slide.

Retain stateThis is really helpful when you are creating an interaction with multiple slides involved and want the selected state to be retained on revisiting the slide. For example:

  • Using states for module buttons in a custom menu slide
  • Branching interaction where the learners need to return to the main slide to explore the rest of the options
  • When you are using Go to the next/previous state actions, and you revisit the slide, object reset to the initial state. By using this option, you can start looping from the state last visited.


Enhancements to Adobe Captivate Draft: Adobe Captivate Draft is an iPad app to create storyboards for your Captivate projects. You can share these storyboards for real-time collaboration with reviewers, and then import them into Adobe Captivate 9 to create a responsive eLearning courses.

Captivate DraftWe have made some new enhancements to this app to simplify your storyboard creation workflow. In the previous version, there were two modes for working with objects objects: Gesture mode allowed the you to add objects to the stage using gestures, and the edit mode allowed you to modify the properties of the objects. To make the process lean, we have merged both these modes and now you can work seamlessly in a single mode to add and edit objects. Also, to move to the next slide in the storyboard, you can use a two-finger swipe.

The copy and paste feature in Adobe Captivate Draft is also enhanced allowing you to copy and paste objects from one slide to another within the same storyboard.


New responsive navigation players: We released five new responsive navigation players this week as a part of the eLearning assets provided by eLearning Brothers. Each navigation player has its own unique style that you can completely customize to fit the needs of your brand or course. The players come standard with forward/back buttons, play/pause buttons, a menu toggle button, a mute/unmute audio button, and many others which you can program to navigate and adjust settings within your course as needed.

Watch this tutorial on how to take one of these awesome navigation players and put it into your course:


Roundtripping with the latest Creative Cloud tools: With this update, Captivate roundtripping with the November 2015 updates of Creative Cloud applications will work seamlessly.

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Apart from these new features and enhancements, check out the release notes for other changes and bug fixes related to SVGs, learning interactions, effects, responsive projects, runtime behavior, etc.



Posted by poojajaisingh1:37 PM
  • Mark Waterfield

    Hi. Thanks for this. The rulers are great.
    As for the Retain state option I could only make it work with ‘go to next/previous state. Could not really see how it works with ‘module buttons in a custom menu slide’ or ‘Branching interaction where the learners need to return to the main slide to explore the rest of the options’
    Any additional information would be great. Thanks

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Mark, you can create a slide with buttons and add custom states for these buttons with may be add a tick mark and name the state as visited state. Then on click of this button, set an action to change the state of the button to visited state and select the retain state option. With these settings, if the learner clicks the button and then returns to the same screen, they will see the button with a tick mark.

      • Mark Waterfield

        Hi. Thanks for this. I have done the above and my project appears to retain the visited state even if I have the ‘retain state’ option unchecked.

        • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

          That’s strange. Can you please share the project with us at and we’ll investigate the issue.

  • Sarah Jackson

    Hi. I’m currently on v9.0.0.223. When I go to the Help menu, the Updates option is greyed-out, not selectable. I went to the Adobe site and downloaded the update patch but haven’t been successful in running the update. Any ideas?

    • Danny Johnson

      Sarah, yes I can help you I just used this workaround for 10 of our machines. It seems a little daunting but it can be achieved with this workaround. This assumes you are working on a Mac, for Windows the process would be similar.

      First close all Adobe Products.

      Open TextEdit and create the following file (you can paste the text below into a blank text document.


      Save this document as AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat and save it to your desktop. Make sure it retains the .dat extension. If it has the .rtf or .docx it will not work

      Then launch Finder Click on Go > Go To Folder and enter /Library

      Then navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0

      Copy and Paste the AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat file from your desktop into the 1.0 folder.

      The launch Captivate and Click on Help and you will see that now Update is available.

      Good Luck!

      • Danny Johnson

        Oops, post stripped out some of the important formatting for the document. Please see the attached screenshot

        • jmack50

          Thanks for this! It worked. However, since I’m on a PC rather than a Mac, I had trouble getting to the folder. It’s here: C:Program files(x86)common filesadobeAAMUpdaterInventory1.0

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Sarah, sorry to see you face this issue. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you shortly.

  • Amber Page

    Hey I work for a company that uses captivate as our main platform to deliver content. I have tried to contact captivate several times about the grouping issue in captivate 9. When items are grouped together any item that had an effect in the group reverts back to its default. I know that you guys changed it so that all of the items in a group can have an effect on the entire group. But our designers need the previous option too .All I have been told is just to apply effects to elements in the timeline after I have them in place, but that is not a good enough solution. What if I want to group a bunch of items together so that I can center them on the stage because I realized that they were slightly off center? But I didn’t see that until I reviewed the project? Now I have to go back and apply the effects to each individual item. Which is a time consuming endeavor. Can you PLEASE contact me so that we can discuss this? I have sent screen shots and multiple emails, but have gotten very little (and very unhelpful) responses.

  • Amber Page



    Hi, is it just me or is anyone else having crash issues when importing video files into captivate. I Have tried .mpg and .flv but no joy. Running OSx 10.9.5 with the latest version of captivate Crashes every time. Thanks !

  • shane Lord

    Any thoughts on adding a “Loop Action” advanced action?
    -Loop in point (start looping here in action list)
    -loop out point (the loop point in the action list, jumping back up to the “in” point)
    -loop x times (Loop from in-out x-times before advancing)
    As of now, you need to replay (loop) a slide to create a looping set of advanced actions on a slide.

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Shane, thanks for the request. We’ll add it as an enhancement request for the future updates/version.

      • shane Lord

        Is there a work around to achieve the same effect? (HTML5 Build)

        • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

          You can execute JavaScript to achieve the same effect.

  • Sama

    I noticed that I cannot have text effects in a responsive project. Whereas it works perfectly in a blank project. Why is that?

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Hi Sama, text effects are currently not supported in the responsive projects.

  • Juliette

    I can’t read my learning interactions on Google Chrome. On internet explorer the interaction upload on firefox too, but not on chrome.

    Is it normal ? Am-I the only one ?

  • mnatoli

    Hello there, I have created drag and drop interactions as part of a quiz. I have 5 items to drag and drop onto different locations. The quiz makes this an ‘all or nothing’ response, that is all 5 items have to be correct in order to score all the points. I want to know how to have it that if 3 of the 5 are correct the learner scores for those 3 correct responses.

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Partial scoring for Drag and Drop questions is currently not available. We plan to implement this functionality in the future updates/releases.

      • Juliette

        Hello, I am having trouble with learning interaction like memory game. Google chrome cannot post the memory game. It works on IE and Firefox tho.
        Do you have this trouble too ? Do you have a solution ?

        • Carmel Hill

          I have this issue too. My Memory Game is fine when checking in draft format but I cannot get it to work on any browser when published. I have tried publishing as SWF and also SWF and HTML. Is there a fix for this?

  • Jim Sparks

    I have updated to All working well until i try to use effects. Each time i try i get an error saying Effect file is not valid. help!

    • Mohana

      Hi Jim,
      Does this happen for any effect? Perhaps you can try clearing your Preferences (go to C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 9 x64utils and run “CleanPreferencesWin.bat”)


  • Bellyfluff


    I have recently updated to Ever since I updated, all the roll over and down states on any button I try and make does not work, and the buttons are now lacking the functionality of these states when I publish any project even my old ones, any help would be very useful!


  • Shailesh Gurav

    Hi team,
    I’ve updated Captivate to, it seems there are few bugs in it. I’m trying to insert a widget (Carousel), I have added four images and one youtube video; now I’m not able to confirm this action. There is no OK button. I cannot see any button or link to confirm and close the window. Attached is the screenshot.
    Can you help?


    • Mohana

      Hi Shailesh,

      Can you mention your screen resolution and OS? Are you connected to any external monitors or projectors? Does the OK and CANCEL appear when you first open this interaction?


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