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November 23, 2012

Social Learning using Twitter

As E-learning course authors you would have wished to help your students when they are stuck instantly and your students could also collaborate among themselves  real time more like a classroom setup which results in effective learning. This real time collaboration is now possible using Adobe Captivate Course Companion widget which is now extend to support this . There is no installation required for the course author  all he has to do is to insert the widget in captivate course and check enable for collaboration  and we do the rest.

Students and author can now exchange tweets right inside the course and also using any twitter client of their choice . Author dashboard is now extended to show these messages as well and author can collaborate right inside the dash board . A unique feature worth a mention is in context sharing of information among the participants .

Please watch the videos below and find out for yourself how simple is to enable collaboration and how cool is to collaborate real time. Early beta is around the corner and if you want to try this out and share your feedback please send an email to Continue reading…

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July 18, 2012

Learning Analytics: How do I make use of them? – Part I

Course Companion for Adobe Captivate (ACCC) provides content creators learning analytics that help them understand learners’ response to course content created using Captivate. ACCC allows content creators to instantly measure and visualize learner engagement with the learning content.

Well, there are content developers who create courses every day and there are some who create courses occasionally. Some courses are revised very often while others contain static information that do not need any revisions. Do learning analytics in ACCC help all types of Captivate users and courses?

Let us find out by looking at different personas of Captivate users in a series of blog posts. This blog is the first in the series and describes how Casey, an occasional Captivate user can analyze courses using learning analytics in ACCC.

Casey: I create courses very rarely using Captivate; the number is a single digit for weeks or even months. Sometimes, I upload the courses on the web. My courses do not generally have a version next.

When I hear of analytics, I wonder why I should use them. My understanding is that, analytics are for systems like web sites whose lifecycle is long and undergoes numerous changes based on traffic and usage patterns. My courses are very small and I don’t know what I can do with the data. Continue reading…

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February 20, 2012

Quiz Reports in Course Companion for Adobe Captivate

I hope many of you have already tried the course companion by now and have taken a look at the Dashboard. In my previous blog, I explained the concept of Progress Index. In this blog, I will explain the Quiz reports that you can access by clicking the Quiz tab on the Dashboard. Quiz reports provide insight in to how learners are performing in the quiz included in a course.

With the quiz reports you can analyze the learners’ performance in quiz and find out:

  • The questions which many learners are skipping or answering incorrectly. This metric gives you a hint about the topics in the content which people haven’t really understood well.
  • The average quiz score. This metric is an indicator of overall performance of the course. A high average quiz score generally indicates that the course has been received or understood well by the learners.
  • The ‘differentiator’ questions — the questions that differentiate top performers from average performers.
  • Overall summary of quiz performance such as number of learners who have scored below the average quiz score, number of learners failing the quiz etc

  Continue reading…

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February 8, 2012

Course Companion for Adobe Captivate – The Progress Index

I hope you would have started using the Course Companion for Adobe Captivate by now. We had many queries regarding the new concept of Progress Index. In this blog, I will try to answer some of those queries.

Progress Index

Progress Index is a score (out of 16) calculated based on many aspects of an Adobe Captivate   e-learning course. This index gives you an indication of how the course is being accepted by the learners and how effective the course is. Some of the aspects used to calculate this index are – how many learners are actively taking the course on any given day, how learners are doing in the quiz etc.

Figure 1

Interpreting Progress Index

As shown in Figure 1 Continue reading…

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January 23, 2012

Course Companion for Adobe Captivate

Are you achieving your course objectives? Do you know if the course is being well received? Do you know how your learners are progressing? Do you know if your learners are learning from the course?

Now Course Companion for Adobe® Captivate® will easily provide you with answers to these questions and many more. Adobe Captivate team launches a preview of this new solution on Adobe Labs.

Course Companion for Adobe® Captivate® (A3C) provides content creators with insights that help understand the learner’s response to course content. A3C allows content creators to instantly measure and visualize learner engagement with the learning content.

You will be able to – 

  • Track usage of content
  • Track learner behavior
  • Get feedback on the course by tracking the learner metrics
  • Track progress of the course as you roll it out
  • Track effectiveness of the content

It is very simple to enable the courses for tracking through A3C for the content authored through Adobe Captivate 5.5.

  1. Insert the tracking widget into the slide 1 of the course. Supply just couple of information points for the course.
  2. Publish the course.

You are ready! You don’t have to change the way you are deploying the course. A3C works if the course is deployed on LMS or on a website or on a CD.

And you do not have to be worried, the learners do not see any change, performance impact due to the course enabled for A3C. A3C silently monitors the data for you without interrupting the learning process.

Come – try out for yourself. Visit to get started.

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