Adobe ColdFusion Builder Public Beta

Adobe ColdFusion Builder peeks out of the door and everyone wants to have a look!
Most of you reading this are aware that the Adobe ColdFusion Builder’s Public Beta is now available. For those who
don’t, I guess its high time you rush and get it installed 🙂
For introduction, we would like to point you to Ben Forta’s Write-up on CFBuilder.
Apart from what Ben says, we will be posting stuff which take you on a Macro-Tour of the CFBuilder features.
Though this is a ColdFusion Builder Team Blog, all opinions mentioned here are personal.
Our aim here is to showcase all that you will find and that you might miss when using ColdFusion Builder!

6 Responses to Adobe ColdFusion Builder Public Beta

  1. Jim Priest says:

    Great to see the team blogging!
    Question – when does the beta expire?

  2. supra shoes says:

    well done!!I hope you will become more and more greatly………

  3. CFDev says:

    Good Posts

  4. Ahamad says:

    Let the posts keep coming…

  5. Brian says:

    Is there any pricing information available? I’m interested in trying it out but I don’t want to get used it and then not be able to afford it.

  6. Alan McCollough says:

    Say, y’all should use a CF-powered blog, don’t you think? Time to check out BlogCFC, I think.
    btw, where is the pricing for CFBuilder? It looked great at CFUnited 2009, and I’m ready to put in an order for it.