Apply CF Nature

I am sure most of you must be aware but still wanted to pen this one down.
This one’s specifically for converting your non-CF or non-CFBuilder Project into a CF Project.
If you wish to work on your existing projects in CF Builder, i.e. the projects that were created using any other IDE, then these projects will not open as CF Projects. They will be generic projects. Which means you need to convert them to CF Projects in order to use all the features(Editor features/Preview/Debug/Extensions etc) of CFBuilder.
This can be done in two ways:
1. Import Project: You can import the existing project that you wish to work on. When you are on the Import Project Wizard, enable the “Show All Projects” checkbox.
This will enable the “Apply CF Nature…” optoin. Select that one as well.
Now your project is ready to get imported as CF project.
2. You have a project in the workspace already on which you were working prior to using CF Builder(or you imported one w/o applying CF nature) and now you want to continue working on it. For converting this Project into a CF Project right click on the Project and “Apply CF Nature”.
This should also convert your project to a CF Project.
Simple and Handy!
P.S.: To identify that a Project in the workspace is a CF Project just check if the folder icon has a CF on it, like this   icon.JPG