Debugging in CFBuilder

Debugging in ColdFusion 8 was done using the CFDebugger (plugin on CFEclipse),This Debugger with a few more improvements is now a part of CFBuilder.
It is hence possible to create projects-preview them-debug them all under one roof.
The nicest part(and enhancement over the earlier debugger) is that its not mandatory for you to create debug configurations for each project, if you don’t create debug configs the CFBuilder will do it for you by default! We unofficially call this ‘Single Click Debugging’
I have uploaded a video of Local and Remote Debugging in CFBuilder so that its easier to follow the steps and you don’t get lost reading the essays 🙂
Just a note, the most essential requirement to debug is to Enable Debugging in CF Administrator so don’t miss checking that part of the video as well.
Using ColdFusion Debugger
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