Open CFC

You will see a small icon at the top toolbar which looks like this :
This icon is the “Open CFC” icon. Clicking this icon will list all the CFCs opened in the navigator view. Lets say you have n no of projects opened in the navigator and you want to quickly refer to a method in one of the CFCs. Instead of finding the project and then searching for the CFC from so many in the Project, just click this icon and the list of open CFCs will be available.
Not just that, all these CFCs are listed with their fully qualified names making it easier for you to choose.
Good things indeed come in small packages… 🙂

6 Responses to Open CFC

  1. Mike Henke says:

    Another great default Eclipse tip is, Navigate > Open Resource… (Ctrl+Shift+R) brings up a dialog that allows you to quickly locate and open an editor on any file in the workspace.

  2. Nath Arduini says:

    @Mike: it is indeed a very useful hotkey.
    But CFBuilder uses it for “insert cfscript block”, and it overrides the “Open Resource”.
    I just had to remove this hotkey in Windows > Preferences > Coldfusion > Editor profiles > Editor > Keys.

  3. David Farr says:

    Is it possible to change the location used in Open CFC. Mine currently comes up with c:/inetpub/wwwroot. I use virtual directories so this does not work.

  4. Mike Henke says:

    That is a bug in CFBuilder that should be fixed. They hopefully will redo the key assist for cfscfipt since ctrl-shift-r is standard for Eclipse like ctrl-shift-l for looking up key assists.

  5. Evelin Varghese says:

    @Mike: We are looking into the issue.Also you can change the keyboard short cut for cfscript in preferences to any other option of your choice.

  6. John Barnes says:

    I think its CTRL – ALT – R that is used to “insert script block”, not CTRL – SHIFT – R