ORM CFC Generator

Most of you who are already in public forums of ColdFusion Builder know about CFC Generator extension for CFBuilder. For those who are new to it,its an extension to CFBuilder which will help you to automatically create ORM CFC’s for tables listed in the RDS View of CFBuilder.
We have an updated version of CFC Generator Extension available…Try this one out.
We have added option to specify relations and join conditions .
We would like to hear your comments on this 🙂
While Installing the extension to CFBuilder,the server chosen should be the latest public beta build of CF9 Server.
See instructions on how to use this extension here
Adobe CFC Generator

17 Responses to ORM CFC Generator

  1. Twockin says:

    Need help find this track

  2. @Twockin: Can you elaborate what you are looking for?
    Is the download not working for you or you need more info on how to use it?

  3. Charles says:

    I would love to get this working, but seem to be stuck. I am, for the record, new to using an ecclipse-based IDE. When I go to install the extension, I pick the server (local web server) and then it informs me that “This application is already installed. Choose any of the following options to continue install”. There is nothing else on the panel. I finish the install wizrd but when using the option to generate an ORM CFC, I have no option for adding relationships. Thank you.

  4. @Charles: Update of an already installed extension has an issue .So it would be good if you can uninstall and install the extensions.For this, go to Preferences->ColdFusion->Extensions.Click on Adobe CFC Generator and click uninstall.This will remove the extension.After that if you do a fresh install of the extension it should work fine.

  5. Gary F says:

    What’s an ORM and why do I need it? How does CF work with ORM differently from any other language? Does an ORM add another layer that could have a performance impact on a busy application?

  6. @Gary: ORM is the hibernate integration to CF9.You can check out more details

  7. I find that Bhakti’s attempt to link to Rupesh’s blog of great ORM content (labeled in his comment as “ColdFused”) is not working as a link for me.
    Some may know he used to blog at http://coldfused.blogspot.com/, but he changed recently to http://www.rupeshk.org.
    More specifically, the category for his ORM blogs is
    Start at the bottom and work your way up for a nice series of posts introducing ORM in CF.
    Bhakti, if you want to delete this comment after correcting your link as you intended it to be, that’s fine. Thanks for your contributions.

  8. Bhakti says:

    Hey Charlie,
    Thanks for posting the URL. Looks like http://blogs.adobe.com upgrade caused this.
    And its a “her” not “his”!!! >>(labeled in his comment as “ColdFused”) 😉 🙂
    I have deleted my previous comment…

  9. Bruno says:

    very nice update. Although sometimes its easier to just type the relations manually. I wonder if theres any way to go back to previous patterns for cfc functions, i mean the new version instead of using default fn names like “gelallitems” now create unique names for every cfc, this isnt good actually.

  10. Evelin Varghese says:

    @Bruno:You can change the way the functions are generated
    The template which generates the service file is
    Adobe CFC Generator\handlers\com\adobe\cfbuilder\templates\service.cfc.cfm
    (The path to Adobe CFC Generator can be found at Preferences->ColdFusion->Extensions->Adobe CFC Generator Click Show Details)
    The above template is called from
    Adobe CFC Generator\handlers\index.cfm
    It’s all cfm code…so feel free to update it as per your wish 🙂

  11. Susan Gallegos says:

    I have installed and uninstalled the cfc generator several times – currently the ORM CFC generator is creating truncated code for the service: the create function and only part of the delete function – it doesn’t even close the delete function or the component. I have tried it on several tables.
    Any ideas what my problem is? I checked the bolt.log – no errors
    Thanks, Susan

  12. Joe Genshlea says:

    CFC ORM does not work on my OS X 10.6 system. After I enter the location of the cfc, i get a blank window “Create ORM cfc” that appears to be non functional

    CFBuilder 1 with update 1

  13. Jack F says:

    I too am getting a blank window when I run CF Builder as a plugin to Flash Builder 4. When I run standalone CF Builder, I get the windows with the tables, etc. but the Relationships panel is not working: if I press “Insert” nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the extension several times.

  14. Tristan says:

    Can we get an up-to-date link to the PDF? Every link above to resources is dead.

  15. ipad 2 says:

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  16. Marc says:

    I also cannot use CFB 2 ‘Create ORM CFC’ feature. When I enter the location where to store the CFC’s to be generated I get a cfm runtime error

    “File not found: /Adobe CFC Generator/handlers/ormCFCGenerator.cfm”

    although the files /Adobe CFC Generator/handlers/ormCFCGenerator.cfm lives under the Cf server root.


  17. TuTone says:

    The Adobe Generate ORM CFC does not work in Cold Fusion Builder 2 either. There are instructions online and a new version on RIA Forge as of May 17, 2011. I have removed the old and installed the new one, but still I only get a blank screen after I try to ‘Generate ORM CFC’.