Previewing a File in 1-2-3 Steps

3 things are necessary here:
1. It is necessary that the file you want to preview is in webroot.
2. It is necessary that the file is a part of a project in CFBuilder.
3. It is necessary that a server is associated with this project.
Considering these conditions the three steps should be as simple as:
1. Create/Import a Project in CFBuilder and create a cfm/cfc in it.
2. Associate that server with this Project, whose webroot will contain your file to be previewed**
3. Move to the Firefox/IE tab from the Source tab to internally preview this file. Else right-click on the editor and say Run As -> ColdFusion Application to open it in external browser.
**Checkpoint: A checkpoint for preview to be successful is that when you associate a server with a project the ‘Sample URL’ field below it shows the url for the project correctly.
The same checkpoint also holds good when you want to debug. You will see me re-iterating this in my post on Debugging.
Note: Though the F12 like shortcut key is not available to preview a file, there is a small button(green arrow) at the top in the tool bar. Clicking this button will run the currently opened cfm.