Remote Server Setup- Standalone

The Remote Server setup in CFBuilder has been a topic of discussion on the forums and the response received for the remote setup hasnt been very positive. I tried to answer as many questions on the forum as I could but still there always remains some ambiguity.The documentation team has worked very hard to be explanatory but looks like it isn’t enough.
This is yet another try to simplify things.
I want the readers here to co-operate with me for two things:
1. Please dont have any pre-followed process or assumptions in your mind before reading this post or the following ones on the same topic.
2. Try to follow the steps mentioned here to set up a remote server(may be just a mock) to get the satisfaction that you could actually connect to one. 🙂
Instead of talking in general about a remote server setup I am going to split this to explain the setup for Standalone Servers and MultiServers.
So those of you who are not interested in Standalone can skip this one and read the following post.
Setting up a Standalone Remote Server:
What do you need: A Remote Server, A local CFBuilder installation,
Setup: Unzip the in the remote CF Server Home directory. Example: C:\ColdFusion8
Disclaimer: In case your remote server is CF9-beta you don’t need this .zip file. Just directly goto Step A3 below.
Steps: On the Remote Machine:
A1. Connect to your remote machine(lets call it ‘bhakti04’) and ensure that the files adminstart.bat,, admin_jvm.config have been extracted to {CFServer_Home}\runtime\bin
A2. Change the security Properties file located at {CFServer_Home}\runtime\lib and change the
jrun.subnet.restriction and jrun.trusted.hosts to *. This is done that there is unrestricted
access to your remote CF Server. You could even add the IP of the machine on which CfBuilder is running. But for the demo purpose I am going to make it *.
A3. Goto {CFServer_Home}\runtime\bin and run the adminstart.bat(for Windows) or MAC). A console will open and admin will start. Check the port on which the
admin is running.I am going to assume its ‘2910’ for further steps.

Steps: On the CFBuilder:

B1. Open the Add server Wizard.
B2. Fill the wizard fields as follows:
Screen 1:
Server Name: This is a user friendly name you want to give the remote server. I am going to call it. “Bhakti’s Desktop”
Description: The description for this server. I am going to say, ” This is a Standalone CF 8 server”
Host Name: The IP address or machine name. In my case, “bhakti04”
IsRemote: This should get automatically selected after entering the host name as “bhakti04”
Webserver port: The port on which your remote CF Server is running. Since my remote server is running on 8500, that would be my entry.
Context Root: Not Applicable for Standalone
Application Server Name: Not Applicable for Standalone
RDS UserName: User Name of the RDS Server. This is the uname/pasword you specified for RDS while installing ColdFusion Server. If you dont enter this, your remote datasources and files will not be available to CFBuilder. My RDS Uname is ‘admin’
RDS Password: RDS Password. ‘admin’ in my case.
Screen 2:
Naming Port: This is the naming port of the admin server.In step A3 I asked you to keep a note of this one. Default is 2910 and so is it in my case.
User Name: This is the JNDI User Name. You can find it in jrun-users.xml at {CFServer_Home}\runtime\servers\admin\SERVER-INF
Password: This is the JNDI password. Found at same as above.
Document Root: Document root of the CF Remote Server. Precisely the location where your CFIDE resides. Its “C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot” in my case. Other examples: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot or \opt\htdocs\wwwroot
B3. Hit Finish
You might see the status as ‘Unknown’ for a second or so. In such cases you will also see the “Getting Server Status” in the bottom right corner.After the “Getting Server Status” action is completed, the status should be seen as “Running”.
In case your status is “Unknown” even after the above mentioned operation is over, just switch to the console to check if any error is thrown.
I have tried to prepare a list of the kind of errors thrown while connecting to Remote Server
and how to recover from them.
1. jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; ….. – We used to have a Version field earlier in Server Wizard. But that was creating a confusion. In the proocess of removing it and using some logic, this message gets Thrown. It is an absolutley HARMLESS message and can be *IGNORED*
2. Unable to fetch server mappings. Reason: null – Again this message is a bug from our side. It is a Harmless message and can be IGNORED.
3. The connection to the remote JNDI server on Host XYZ at port 2910 has failed(as have all backup hosts listed, if any) – please verify thet the server is running and the NamingService is available. – This message is thrown if your admin server is not running on the remote machine. You need to ensure if step A3 is performed.
4. One case where the status is “Unknown” and the console says “Server is available, getting server status”. The Status still remains unknown after that.- Connect to the remote machine and check the console of the admin that we ran in step A3. If it says “Security Alert….. ” then your is not set properly. Check what you need to do in Step A2 above.
Apart from all these if you face any other issues then please feel free to add them as a
Will write the post for Multi Server in a couple of Hours.

20 Responses to Remote Server Setup- Standalone

  1. Liam says:

    Great – thanks for the detailed steps to get this set-up. One problem I had was the error ‘unknown compression’. To get around this I just needed to disable compression in iis and it is working fine now.

  2. Syed says:

    I have been having problem, still unable to solve the issue. I have followed the instructions above.
    I’m getting following message:
    -jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 2231785419166800282, local class serialVersionUID = -5340300571285905033
    -No RDS Server Exist
    I have configured RDS server in my eclipse, however, cf builder still throwing no rds server exists with same settings.
    Hopefully they will make it easier to configure server before they ship the final product. I havent even started using it and i’m getting issues.

  3. Bhakti says:

    Hi Syed,
    I suppose you are also on the public forums, where I have replied to your issue. Will just reiterate the solution here as well:
    If you are still getting this error,
    [Pete-Server], Error, 07/19 at 12:04:31, The connection to the remote JNDI server on host Pete-SERVER at port 2930 has failed (as have all backup hosts listed, if any) – please verify that the server is running and the NamingService is available
    then that is because the port of the admin server that you have provided isn’t valid. The error message says that connection with the port 2930 was unsuccessful. So its not 2930. You have also mentioned in your earlier posts that your admin is running on 2910 so you will have to specify that on the second screen of the server wizard.
    Once the connection to your remote server is establised, you will not get the “RDS server doesnot exist” messages.
    If possible can you take a screenshot of your server details and attach them here

  4. Ryan says:

    Excellent tutorial! Better than what adobe offer.

  5. I was easily able to add my localhost server to CF Builder, but I continue to run into problems when trying to add the development team’s remote server.
    My workstation is running on OS X. Our remote server is running Windows 2008 with a standalone install of ColdFusion 8.
    This is the error I get when connecting to the server:
    Unable to execute the server command:null
    Unable to execute the server command:jrunx.admin_u7.commandline.JCmd
    Unable to execute the server command:null
    [Staging], (07/28 at 03:54:21): Server is available. Getting server settings from Server
    After that, the status of the server remains as “Unknown”. Refreshing repeats this same error in the console.
    I followed the original instructions from the documentation as well as the ones posted here. Everything came as described except for this folder in step Screen 2.
    This does not exist for our installation of CF8. This is the closest thing I could find.
    I found the jrun-users.xml file here, so I’m guessing it’s the same thing. Probably not a big deal.
    I appear to be in situation #4 according to your blog post above. Each time I go to
    the console window opens and closes so quickly that I can’t read what it says. I have no idea if it’s throwing a “Security Alert” message, but I did check to make sure contains the following:
    At {CFServer_Home}\runtime\servers\coldfusion\SERVER-INF\
    I have the following value set
    I changed the naming port to from 2910 to 2930, but this didn’t help.
    Any help or direction would be appreciated!

  6. Bhakti says:

    @Jose: Since the admin server is not starting properly you are facing this issue. Instead of double clicking the adminstart.bat open a console and run the adminstart.bat. This way you will see the admin start process getting logged and you will see the exact error if any. Please check the error if any and let me know.

  7. myIP says:

    I just posted my issue on Adobe’s forum, here:

  8. @Bhakti
    I did what you said. I ran adminstart.bat through the console. I did not see a Security Warning error, but I did see this:
    “Starting Macromedia JRun 4.0 (Build 108487), admin server
    followed by several lines of things like
    “at java.util.Properties$LineReader.readLine(
    at java.util.Properties.load0(…”
    CF Builder continues to display this in the console
    “[Staging], (08/03 at 12:35:09): Server is available. Getting server settings from Server”
    Anything else I could try? Thanks.

  9. Alan Barlow says:

    Hi, I still get this error and UNKNOWN status after following all the above instructions….
    The connection to the remote JNDI server on Host XYZ at port 2910 has failed(as have all backup hosts listed, if any) – please verify thet the server is running and the NamingService is available.
    I also get the following WARNING when running adminstart.bat…
    Starting JRun 4.0 (Build 108673), admin server
    warning Unable to open D:\Coldfusion8\runtime/lib/
    info JRun Naming Service listening on *:2910
    info No JDBC data sources have been configured for this server (see jrun-resources.xml)
    info JRun Web Server listening on *:8000
    info Deploying enterprise application “JRun 4.0 Internal J2EE Components” from: file:/D:/Coldfusion8/runtime/lib/jrun-comp.ear
    info Deploying EJB “JRunSQLInvoker” from: file:/D:/Coldfusion8/runtime/lib/jrun-comp.ear
    Server admin ready (startup time: 2 seconds)
    All help greatly appreciated.

  10. scott conklin says:

    I also get the harmless message followed by
    NO RDS Server exist
    i know it does as i connect to it thru CF studio.
    [dp-dev], Error, 08/11 at 05:16:20, jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -5340300571285905033, local class serialVersionUID = 2248481652733430273
    [dp-dev], Error, 08/11 at 05:16:20, jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -5340300571285905033, local class serialVersionUID = 2231785419166800282
    [dp-dev], Error, 08/11 at 05:17:43, jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -5340300571285905033, local class serialVersionUID = 2248481652733430273
    [dp-dev], Error, 08/11 at 05:17:43, jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = -5340300571285905033, local class serialVersionUID = 2231785419166800282
    [dp-dev], Error, 08/11 at 05:18:26, No RDS Server Exist
    [dp-dev], (08/11 at 05:18:26): Error, (08/11 at 05:18:26): Unable to connect to RDS server.

  11. Alan McCollough says:

    I am getting similar results.
    I have installed the files listed, and am running adminstart.bat in a command window to see what it says. It says JRun listening service on *:2910, JRun web server listening on *:8000.
    I have confirmed port 2910 is listening, using ‘netstat -an|/i “LISTENING”‘ from the command line.
    In CFBuilder, I configure a server to use webserver port 80, naming server port 2910. I get this:
    jrunx.rmi.RemoteInvocationHandler; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 2231785419166800282, local class serialVersionUID = 2248481652733430273
    I tried changing the webserver port to 8000, this resulted in “Unable to connect to RDS server.Unable to connect to RDS server.Reason:Error executing RDS command. Status Code : 500 , Reason : There is no web application configured to service your request”.
    I’m by no means a novice CF admin. This process seems like something that needs to be corrected before CFBuilder is shipped. There are many CF8 users out there, and will be for years. Not everybody will be jumping to CF9 right away, so CFBuilder will need to reliably connect with a remote CF8 server.

  12. Joel Holder says:

    Hi I’m getting same problem Alan cites above. brings up a webserver on port 8000. Reports err code 500 (There is no web application configured to service your request). Has anyone had success getting CFBuilder to work remotely against CF8? If so, would love to hear about the recipe..

  13. Brian Lang says:

    I’m getting an error I haven’t seen so far here:
    Unable to execute the server command:null
    And the server status remains as Unknown.
    Anyone run into this?
    I’ve followed all the steps above.

  14. Bhakti Pingale says:

    @Brian, Joel, Alan McCollough, Scott, Alan Barlow, Jose: Since I was off the blogs for a while so I could not check all the issues. Will start doing so soon. We have tried to fix as many server manager issues as possible so I would recommend you to use the newer PUBLIC BETA 2 build and if you face the same issues or any thing more feel free to comment.

  15. Derek says:

    I am getting a 404 from my dev website when I test the connection. I don’t get it. I am using host headers in IIS and my dev server is, i tried the IP and I get a 500 error. wtf?

  16. Frank Gerritse says:

    I have downloaded BETA 2 and have succesfull connect remote server; Status RUNNING! But when I try RDS view I get the error:
    Unable to contact the RDS server “MATCHING-TEST”
    Error executing RDS command. Status code 500, Reason; there is no web application configured to service your request.
    This error is already know I see but is there an sollution right now for this ?

  17. Jim Ward says:

    I have a couple of problems.
    The first is I try “Add Server” it asks me for the type and I select “Coldfusion”. Then I select “Import configuration from RDS server”. I see my RDS server in the dropdown and I select it, then I select “OK”, and absolutely nothing happens, the dialogue box does not go away, no messages, no nothing. I have to cancel.
    I configured the server manually, it says the status is “running”. Whenever I select refresh I receive the message: “No RDS Server Exist”, even though I know it exists, I am using the RDS Dataview and RDS Fileview in Coldfusion builder.
    When I try to Stop or start the server I get the message: “Software caused connection abort: socket write error”.
    This is with Beta 2, remote server, non application server. Thanks.

  18. does it really matter? says:

    2 years later, still having issues adding a REMOTE server to CF Builder.

  19. jw says:

    Thanks for the detailed directions. Unfortunately I still can not connect to my remote standalone server. I have followed all of the directions above but the console continues to display the error:…

    “Unable to communicate to Admin server on remote machine. Ensure the Admin server is running and correct JNDI port is provided.”

    windows server 2008

    connecting from:
    CF Builder 2
    on 64 bit Mac

    – i have opened the

    – i double checked that RDS is enabled as on this technote:

    – I have confirmed that the admin server is running and listening on port 2910

    – I am using the username and password from jrun-users.xml

    – have restarted CF application server

    What am I missing here? Anyone have a clue? Thanks everyone!

  20. Mike says:

    I changed the host name from localhost to alias (name of the computer in the network) and the connetction is succesfull. Neither the nor “localhost” worked.