Server Manager

As the name suggests CF Builder comes in with a packaged Server Manager giving you the ability to add various ColdFusion Servers and manage all of them under one roof.
In the public beta build you should be able to add CF8 and CF9 – Standalone, MultiServer and J2EE Installations. For now we are providing support only to JRun based CF Servers.
When I say, you can manage servers I mean that once these servers(local or remote) are added in CFBuilder you can do the following the things with it :
– Start/Stop/ Restart Remote as well as local servers.
– Launch your administrator page(CFIDE) and make changes in it within CFB.
– Launch your Server Monitor and do related tasks
– View the server logs.
– Have the server collect mappings for you so that the content assist and CFC wizard gives you the fully qualified name(Believe me you are going to love this and I am going to talk more about it soon)
– Flexibility to have the CF server running as a Service or through Console.
– Flexibility to restrict users from starting-stopping remote servers.
– SSL Support
If you want to know specifically about any of the above just write a comment so that I can take that up on priority.
Needless to say, the Preview and Debugging(Local and Remote) are Courtsey, Server Manager!
And all you need to do is just add a valid server, specify its Doc root correctly and rest is taken care of.
As far as possible we have tried to keep the processes and user actions simple. But while supporting considerable configurations and providing features, things tend to get complicated. 🙂
That is it, for the first post. I have a lot to mention about Server manager and CFBuilder in general and will be doing so in the next sets.

13 Responses to Server Manager

  1. First of all, great work. This is a very exciting product.
    I think the server management in the IDE is also a very useful feature. However, at our office we’ve experienced difficulties with the server stop in particular. The server seems to hang and never stop. We’re running 9 multi-server on Windows XP fwiw.

  2. Henry Ho says:

    I am using CF8.01 with multiple instance option (Jrun + Apache), and Adobe Coldfusion Builder beta (standalone). Running on a decent Pentium D dual-core with 2GB Ram on WinXP.
    #1: The editor generally seems not as responsive as CFEclipse. The syntax coloring can sometimes take up to a second or two. The code complete, even though set as 100ms, is still quite slow at times.
    #2: Building Server setting –>
    “Error, #datetime#, Unable to fetch server mappings. Reason: null
    “Error, #datetime#, Unable to get the log directory. Reason:null”
    Is this normal for CF8?
    #3: I installed the latest Subclipse, and I couldn’t import a new project and start it as a CF project. I can only create a new project, and then manually “Apply CF nature” on the newly created project.
    #4: I miss the simple F12 browser preview that used to work in CFEclipse. CFEclipse only asks for a base URL, and I can do that to a .CFC and .CFM to run it immediately on the system default’s browser. The build button is often broken and works only on .cfm, and the dependency to the Server setup is often clumbersome.

  3. supra shoes says:

    I am very interested in it, could you please tell me some more imformation? Thank you!

  4. David McGuigan says:

    Really excited to hear about the advanced content assistance!
    Running CF from the console sounds interesting too. Are there other advantages besides being able to log things to the console from your code?

  5. Great to see you blogging on Builder.
    I’d sure like to see more info on the server and debug setup. I currently use the debugger with CFEclipse and was able to get things set up in Builder, but the docs really need some more detail on setting this up.
    I really hope that running the server admin in the console is not the only option. I work in an environment with quite a few developers working on shared CF dev servers and it really needs to run as a service, but I do not see that currently as an option.
    Thanks much,

  6. Bhakti says:

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the comments.
    @Brian: I suppose your server is a J2EE installation. This is a known issue and we have fixed it in our post-public beta build.
    @Henry: The “#2: Building Server setting” error that you are getting is a harmless error its more like like a notification from the code. I understand that its creating a confusion and has been fixed in the post-public beta build.
    For “#3: Problem with import” Is there any specific error message that you are getting. Just to re-iterate the steps, Once you select the project location from the browse button,Select the checkbox “Show all Projects”, this will show you the non-CF projects which you will be able to import. I guess you are missing that selection.
    For #4, If you have associated a server with a project then right clicking the cfm/cfc and saying Run-As-> CF Application should run your file in the default browser. If there is any confusion about the same, let me take that up on the next post.
    Thanks again!

  7. Bhakti says:

    @Supra Shoes: Thanks! We will be elaborating, but if you want me to specifically write about something of your interest let me know. 🙂
    @Terry: The Docs are still taking their final Shape, but please feel free to log any bugs or enhancements on the same. It always helps to have more eyes for improvisation :).
    Secondly, for the service thing that you said, We do have an option to run a server as a service. While adding a server or editing, you will find a checkbox “Use Windows service” on the second page. It will run your server as a service. I hope this answers your requirement, if not, please do elaborate

  8. Bhakti says:

    I think I missed replying to a few more comments. So here they are:
    @Henry: For the editor’s responsiveness, let me check if the 100ms setting is working fine or not.If not I will log a bug. Are you specifically seeing this on very large files?
    @David: The console is more like a notifier of the activities server or the CFBuilder is doing in the background. This could be the details like, why your RDS data was not collected or has the server collected all CFC information. Further on refreshing the server, was the refresh and the related action successful.
    Apart from this, when you start or stop the server(with console logging enabled) you need not have an external console or command prompt running to tell you if the server start/stop was successful or not.

  9. sapience says:

    it a good thing it would certainlly help in all the places where people having server problems.

  10. Tony says:

    Also noticing slow response time on code-complete feature. Flex Builder is not this slow at all.

  11. Bhakti says:

    Some performance enhancements have gone into the public beta 2 of ColdFusion builder which was released this monday. Do try that.

  12. Dennis G says:

    I am trying to learn ColdFusion and I’ve downloaded and installed CF9 Developer, and CF Builder beta 2.
    I cannot get CF Builder to connect to a localhost:8500, the error I get is:
    Ensure that the server is not already running or any application is not using the webserver port.
    I have been running MySQL on localhost:8330 but that is shut down as far as I know.
    Any insight or assistance is greatly appreciated,

  13. Jeff Danes says:

    Hello, we are setting up cf9 with cf builder and get these cfbuilder (server)errors:
    [localhost]: Error (date) Unable to fetch server mappings.
    [localhost]: Error (date) Unable to get log directory.

    We have tried several setup variations and are new stumped.