Server Manager

As the name suggests CF Builder comes in with a packaged Server Manager giving you the ability to add various ColdFusion Servers and manage all of them under one roof.
In the public beta build you should be able to add CF8 and CF9 – Standalone, MultiServer and J2EE Installations. For now we are providing support only to JRun based CF Servers.
When I say, you can manage servers I mean that once these servers(local or remote) are added in CFBuilder you can do the following the things with it :
– Start/Stop/ Restart Remote as well as local servers.
– Launch your administrator page(CFIDE) and make changes in it within CFB.
– Launch your Server Monitor and do related tasks
– View the server logs.
– Have the server collect mappings for you so that the content assist and CFC wizard gives you the fully qualified name(Believe me you are going to love this and I am going to talk more about it soon)
– Flexibility to have the CF server running as a Service or through Console.
– Flexibility to restrict users from starting-stopping remote servers.
– SSL Support
If you want to know specifically about any of the above just write a comment so that I can take that up on priority.
Needless to say, the Preview and Debugging(Local and Remote) are Courtsey, Server Manager!
And all you need to do is just add a valid server, specify its Doc root correctly and rest is taken care of.
As far as possible we have tried to keep the processes and user actions simple. But while supporting considerable configurations and providing features, things tend to get complicated. 🙂
That is it, for the first post. I have a lot to mention about Server manager and CFBuilder in general and will be doing so in the next sets.