Setting Background color for comments

Many of you are used to Dreamweaver style color coding.
Check out a nice blog post by my colleague Sandeep Paliwal on setting back ground color for comments here.

One Response to Setting Background color for comments

  1. scott conklin says:

    Is there anyway to get the editor to NOT try and validate certain statements. we have a template based system that has an application builder system that reads the template in memory, replaces mnemonics with certain variations of code and the writes out the compiled cfm pages.
    we have in one our of our base templates for example the following:
    where the ~~483 could be replaced with anything from a boolean to an entire statement in of itself.
    the issue is that the editor marks the template line number with a red x saying: “invalid token…encountered ~ ..”
    and the real problem is from this line on down all the color coding is lost. all the cfml code from the error on is black, making it difficult to read.
    since this is not an error in our templates, is there anything we can do to get the editor to not think this is an error.