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Link folders

This post is majorly a result of our session in CFUnited. CFBuilder has so many small things that it isn’t really possible to document everything and so this is one of things you might miss.
So, what’s with this flashy term “Link folder”.
The dictionary meaning says “A folder that is linked to something”.
The Link folders in ColdFusion Builder are folders (folders/directories containing any resources) which are linked to the project.
When and where would a user ideally use this:
Charlie is writing ColdFusion applications for various clients. He has a cleaner approach of working and so he creates Projects in location different from web root/document root[ For e.g. C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot or C:\Intepub\wwwroot ].
Say for client 1 all his projects are in C:\Client1 so on and so forth. However in order to preview and debug files his source files have to be in the document root(Its mandatory!)
So while creating a Project he will create the Project, say “Project_MI” for Client, say “XYZ” in C:\XYZ\Project_MI\ and he will link the source folder say C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\Project_MI in this Project. This way his purpose is served.
To do this, while creating a project go to the 3rd Panel in the Project Creation Wizard and enter details. Refer to the image below.
In case you have forgotten to do it while creating a project you can still do it by Right Click on Project -> Properties -> ColdFusion Project -> Additional Source Section
Screen shot below:
The folders that you link with your project could contain anything that the project needs. Physically these resources will still be at their own location but virtually they are associated with your project. Your link folders could be folders containing CFCs or image folders.
Shoot your Questions if any…

Extension Title Image

There is a small enhancement available in Extension which nobody would have tried out.. You can add icons to the title bar of your extension.As you see, i have added a small funky icon..

The title bar size was a concern for many.By adding an icon the width of the title bar adjust to the size of the icon.So when you design the interface choose appropriately sized icon

Well to do this simply add an image attribute to the dialog tag in ide_config.xml

<action name=”demo test” handlerid=”test”>
        <dialog title=”This is a custom title test” image=”images/smiley.gif”>
                <input name=”test” label=”test” type=”dir” />

For more info on Extension checkout documentation

Back from CFUnited!

Hello All,
We are back from CFUnited and its been a wonderful experience!!
All the sessions were received well and its nice to see all our customers excited about CF9 and CFBuilder.
We met some terrific people and are glad that we could spend considerable time with them.
Detailed report will be coming soon from both of us!
Till then…

CFUnited – Pre-session for CFBuilder BYL

Just wanted to add that the room where we are going to conduct this pre-session installation in Millenium Falcon (12th August at the lunch hour).


Woo hoo! We are in VA for the CFUnited. And as Dips mentioned in her last post, the excitement is all doubled 🙂
The Lansdowne resort is a beauuttiiiifuulll place!! 🙂
We are excited about the sessions here and meeting everyone.
Just to remind all those who plan to attend our BYL- CFBuilder session here. We will be having an “Installation session” on the 12th August at the lunch hour.
We will be distributing DVDs of CF9 and CF builder public beta installers.
This session is primarily a Prep session for the BYL, where in we want to ensure that your laptops are all set before you walk in to our sessions.
So feel free to walk-in for installations on 12th August.
Will keep you all posted about how the CFUnited is going!!

At CFUnited 2009 from Aug 12 to Aug 15

I’m all excited and looking forward to meet some or many of our CFBuilder users there!
Me and Bhakti will be conducting a BYL session there on CFBuilder:
Please note that for this session, we would have a pre-session preparation whereby we would have the attendees install CF9 and CFBuilder (public beta builds) on 12th August,’09 during lunch hours (12-1:30PM). We would mostly use one of these rooms – Millenium Falcon/Pippin/Gollum for this exercise.
For those who are attending our BYL session, please make sure you walk in for the pre-session installations.

Use your snippets across IDEs

Let’s say, you have created some snippets in some other IDE, for example, CFEclipse. You can use the same snippets in CFBuilder as well.
In Window – Preferences – ColdFusion – Snippets – Snippets directory, set the snippets folder in CFEclipse workspace ({Workspace root}/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/). This enables you to work with your existing snippets as is in CFBuilder.
Alternatively, you may copy snippets from CFEclipse workspace to CFBuilder workspace.
Location in the CFEclipse workspace:
{Workspace root}/workspace_name/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/
Location in the CF Builder workspace:
{Workspace root}/workspace_name/.metadata/snippets/

Importing RDS Server

Let’s say you have added a bunch of servers in RDS and use it quite regularly. Now you want to perform the start-stop or fondly called [;)] “Server Management” operation on these servers.
“Import RDS” lets you do this.
How do you do it?
When you add a server, if you have some servers in RDS but not in Servers view, you will be prompted with this window:

Selecting the second option imports your RDS Server as a CFServer in the Server Manager.

Enable word wrap

CFBuilder does not have a context sensitive word wrap functionality as of now. To have soft word wrap working for cfml and html files, there’s an eclipse plugin available.
1. Help > Software Updates > Available Software tab -> Add Site
2. Enter the url –
3. Install
4. Restart CFBuilder
5. Open a cfm or html file.
6. On right-click, you’ll see a context sensitive menu ‘Virtual Word Wrap’.
Hope this helps.

Set your preferences

Set your preference to suit your typing needs:
You can turn off auto activation of code assist through Window-Preferences-ColdFusion-Editor Profiles-Editor-Code Assist. This means that code assist will not be invoked automatically. However, you can invoke it by pressing CTRL+SPACE (or appropriate key combination on Mac) whenever you want. Code assist is an expensive operation and you may choose editor not to do it automatically unless invoked.
You can disable auto-insertion of closing tags.
Window-Preferences-ColdFusion-Editor Profile-Editor-Code Assist- “Automatically Insert a Closing Tag”. Because looking for the matching end tag on typing ‘>’ for the start tag is also an expensive operation. However, if you type </ and invoke code assist manually (by pressing CTRL+SPACE), it is inserted for you, so you don’t have to type closing tag.
Set your preference to reduce CFBuilder launch time:
You may choose to disable building server settings through
Window-Preferences-ColdFusion-Server Settings-Uncheck ‘Build Server Settings’. Since ColdFusion Builder uses server settings to provide code assist (for displaying datasources, resolving CFC names etc), you may choose not to initiate build while it starts. Window-Preferences-Server Settings-Check ‘Build Server Settings’ and Uncheck ‘Initiate Build When ColdFusion Builder Started’. You may choose to intiate building server settings when server is started, added or refreshed.